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02 October 2003
Chic Paris launch for Lene Marlin
Source : Aftenposten
With four musicians on stage and a handful of fresh songs, Lene Marlin launched yesterday evening her new CD before a fastidious Paris audience.

Tour start. Saturday Lene Marlin played a mini concert at Oslo City. Yesterday evening it was one of the exclusive clubs in Paris. And the girl from Tromsų - Paris of the North - was well satisfied afterwards.

The Tromsų girl was wonderfully pleased when Aftenposten late last night talked with her at China Club by the Bastille place, where there was official European launch of the fresh CD Another Day. The album was released in France last week, and Lene Marlin herself was present to shine some light on an expected new success with an intimate concert at one of the exclusive eastside clubs in the French capital.

- Perfect

- She's got a wonderful voice, this was perfect!, stated 17-year-old Mustapha Mounain from the suburb of Colombe after Lene Marlin had gone off stage.

Mounain won a Marlin competition on the Internet, and was among about a hundred fans who witnessed the launch at China Club. He had brought his friend Alexandre Cardon (18), who had never heard of Lene Marlin before.

- She sings nicely and softly, Alexandre concluded, and both the teenagers agreed that the Tromsų girl is pretty. They were not disappointed about the concert being super short; however others were who had traveled far to witness the happening.


Marlin sang two songs from Another Day, then Hope You're Happy, and finally a totally new song, accompanied by Marlin's own guitar and two other guitars. It may appear on CD number three.

- It doesn't have any title yet, I have to work on that, Marlin laughed afterwards.

Smilingly Marlin signed CDs, while she before Aftenposten seemed honestly overwhelmed by the fan's delight in her return, three and a half years after her first success album.

- People are so thankful, I hadn't thought they would be, she says.

- You had a large success as a young artist, and it's well known that you hit the wall. It makes you more human. Is that why the fans are this loyal?

- What happened, that I went to see a psychologist, is the most natural thing in the world. Now I know a lot more, and I expect nothing. It makes it all much easier, Marlin says.

Grown audience

While Marlin last Saturday sang for fourteen-years old at Oslo City, she performed for a generally well grown-up audience in Paris yesterday evening. However, the attendance by the French press was rather low. Marlin gave interviews to the French media before the album was released, and the CD is well visible in French record stores, in strong competition with Sting and a recently released Jacques Brel record with unknown material.

Marlin's first album, Playing My Game sold well in France when it came Spring of 2000. Her melancholic style fits the musical taste of the French rather well.

Translation by Tef Johs


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