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17 September 2003
Lene Marlin does her debut concert
Source : Aftenposten
Next Saturday Lene Marlin will play her very first public concert, ever - at the Record Company cd store at Oslo City.

Saturday, September 27, the artist Lene Marlin with a record of current interest, will be at the Record Company's department at Oslo City, most probably with a full band. This will be her very first public concert.

About a month ago she played two acoustic songs unannounced at a small café in Oslo, but she has never before played for the people with a full band, even though it's now four and a half years since the debut album Playing My Game was released in March 1999.

However, now it will happen, and this could be the start of a musical career with several concerts and tours for Lene Marlin.

- It's a bit early to tell at this time, but it's not improbable that it will happen, no. The most important thing for us and Lene is that everything now ought to be pleasurable, and I count on that she has an urge to be playing out there, says EMI-manager Per Eirik Johansen.

Whether it will be concerts just in Norway or also other places in Europe - for instance in Italy, where the single You Weren't There now is at the top of the lists - is of course not settled yet either.

On Monday, Lene Marlin's come-back album Another Day will be in stores. Yesterday, the somewhat darker and more open, personal album was reviewed to a solid four in Aftenposten, at the same time she went to the top on the single charts for both the sale and radio playing in this country.

Meanwhile, the EMI-manager and his men continue the fight to find the person or persons that in the previous week cracked the laid-in copy barrier and put the album Another Day on the Internet. Yesterday, EMI finished a report on the matter, which was sent to the police.

- We are reporting the case itself, to sort out the juridical matters in it. Where lies the responsibility for what happened?, says Johansen.

It was on a server owned by the Postal Office's daughter company Ergo Group - while hired out to others - that EMI found the source the day after they got a tip about the album being available on the net.

- They say that the server was on a so-called hotel-web, where somebody else hires the server. Ergo Group says they have also reported the case, but if we find that the company does have the responsibility for the content on this server, we are going to sue, says Per Eirik Johansen.

Lene Marlin is supposedly still not in the country and is thus unavailable for interviews with the Norwegian press.

Translation by Tef Johs


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