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28 September 2003
Played for the ex-boyfriend
Source : Dagbladet
Shopping mall concert: Lene Marlin performed four songs from the new record Another Day during her first concert in Norway. She did that at the shopping centre Oslo City.

Yesterday, Lene Marlin played her first real concert on Norwegian soil. The ex-boyfriend Stian Barsnes Simonsen was cheering more than anybody about the Tromsų girl being back.

A quarter of an hour before the concert began, the well-known NRK program host and his friends took position 15 metres from the stage. The previous top model Sunniva Stordal was also with the group.

The friends loudly expressed that it was great to have Lene Marlin back. And Lene appreciated the show up:

- It was very pleasant having my friends there, she says.

Free concert

While sitting on a stool, Lene Marlin sang and played four songs from the new album Another Day.

During the concert, it became apparent that Stian Barsnes Simonsen and his fellows know Lene Marlin's new songs very well. Marlin admits also to Dagbladet that the friends have been allowed to listen to the songs during the process in front of her second album release.

Lene Marlin is great in Italy, and earlier this month she sang the hit You Weren't There before 20 000 Italians. And in August she surprised a handful pub guests at the bar Frognerveien 6 on Oslo's west side when she unannounced performed two songs.

However, the performance in the shopping mall Oslo City yesterday was her first official concert with a full band here at home.

It was overcrowded with people during the free concert. When Marlin entered the small stage together with two guitar players, a bass player, and a drummer, she was met with excited jubilation.

During the signing session after the mini concert she expressed happiness and surprise.

- This went much better than I expected. I'm so happy!

Not afraid

Marlin sold almost two million copies of the debut album Playing My Game, which was released over four years ago.

Afterwards, the life as a star, the media drive, and all the attention became a little too much for the young Tromsų girl. However, she's not afraid that the artist career once again will wear her out.

- Now I know myself better and the industry better. It feels great to get going again. And it was indescribable with all the people who appeared, she says.

15 year-old Elin Bernatek from Oslo was the first who got to meet Lene Marlin during the signing round after the concert. The more eager ones got queue-notes to meet the happy pop star.

Translated by Tef Johs


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