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29 September 2003
Lene Marlin with a mini debut
Source : Bergens Tidende
Four songs were all that it took to get the shoppers to halt. Saturday Lene Marlin did her live debut with a mini concert at Oslo City.

CD-launch: 500 fans had drawn queue notes to get Lene Marlin's signature on CDs, DVDs and posters. And Lene Marlin looked to be happy about all the attention.

- It was a special way of making my debut, and I was quite nervous. However, it went pretty well, and now everything just feels so great, Lene Marlin laughed visibly relieved when BT met her just afterwards.

Already half an hour before the concert started had many positioned themselves in front of the stage. And at 2:00 PM it was far less people in the stores than usual. In return, it was crammed full not only in front of the stage, but also in the escalators and along the railings up throughout the floors.

They got to see and hear Lene Marlin along with four musicians play four songs, where three - Sorry, Hope You're Happy and You Weren't There are taken from her brand new album Another Day.

- To be honest, I had feared it would go a little bit more poorly, thus the feeling now is just indescribable, Lene Marlin commented and let out a smaller scream of delight when she heared that it had been something like 7000 people present at the concert.

- That many! That's just indescribable!

Currently, she doesn't dare say much about possible tour plans.

- There remains a lot of launch work concerning Another Day, and what happens after that is too soon to tell. I take one day at a time.

Saturday it didn't seem like she feared a reiteration of the trauma from the last crossroad.

- In part I've become a few years older, but most of all I know more about the industry and myself. I put in more breaks in the program, and today I'm just having a very enjoyable time, Lene Marlin stated, who at least can't complain about the reception. In Norway Another Day reached advanced bookings of 65 000 copies, and after a few days in the stores everything points to it going straight to the top of the sales lists over the weekend.

Translation by Tef Johs


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