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28 September 2003
Full control despite nerves
Source : VG
Nervous and shaking Lene Marlin had her first concert meeting with Norwegian fans yesterday afternoon.

A bit more than a quarter of an hour and four songs were all the little concert taste consisted of.

Lene Marlin appeared on stage in an acoustic setting with three guitarists and a drummer, and had the audience in her palm from the first guitar chord from Sorry, the song that's somewhat of a story about why she'd been away for so long from the limelight.

I had never thought it would be possible to make several hundred fans in a hectic Saturday shopping time in the first floor at Oslo City to be so fully silent. This Lene Marlin managed to do, and this calls for some respect. She had full control over a sensitive, listening audience.

Lene Marlin was smiling, seemed pleased, but didn't say many words during the short seansť. She got to show herself and proved that some of the songs from her new album Another Day both works in an acoustic format and in a concert version, not least her latest single You Weren't There.

This small bit gave a good taste, and before she left the stage, without giving the fans an encore, she promised to come back later.

The concert audience is not dangerous, and Lene Marlin hopefully got yesterday afternoon a confirmation that people appreciate her music, and that she ought to commence her first tour pretty soon.

Translation by Tef Johs


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