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16 September 2003
Lene straight to the top
Source : VG
At the same time as more and more websites worldwide offer Lene Marlin's upcoming album Another Day for download, the single You Weren't There goes straight to the top on the charts in Norway and Italy.

Selling and selling Lene Marlin pushes the Idol-heros away on VG's single chart today.

- Very nice and very surprising, says Norwegian responsible Hans Olav Grøttheim at EMI. - When I got the number from Italy I thought that a zero was missing, that it ought to be the 10th spot!

Lene Marlin's Unforgivable Sinner beat all single records when it was released for sale more than four years ago. Now Lene follows up the tradition.

You Weren't There has been played on Norwegian radio stations since July, but has only been in sale for a week. And that was all Marlin needed to push the Idol-heros down from the top. Today, Lene's record company also get to know if it has made it's mark also elsewhere.

- We have planned a totally different launch this time, so that Lene won't tire herself out. However, it's obvious she's not forgotten abroad, says Grøttheim, who also think it's nice that Lene has such a good grip on the Norwegian record buyers.

Meanwhile the record company EMI awaits its announced million-figure lawsuit against the Postal Office's daughter company Ergo Group. Instead, EMI has reported the release of Lene Marlin's album to the police.

- At this time we don't know who to sue, says EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen. Meanwhile the Marlin record shows up on several servers the world over.

PS: Lene Marlin's heavily awaited album should normally not be released until Monday, September 22.

Translation by Tef Johs


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