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21 September 2003
Exotic star
Source : VG
Lene Marlin performed for six millions.

VERONA: Lene Marlin (23) was not, like the old gladiators, thrown to the lions when she performed for 20 000 Italians at Festivalbar, a star-packed show which is gathering six millions in front of the TV-sets.

A warm welcome: Lene Marlin got a warm reception from the audience in Verona, where she performed together with a whole lot of superstars yesterday evening.

Arena Di Verona, the old Roman amphitheater which have existed for more than 2000 years, was boiling when Lene Marlin was announced by the program host.

American superstars like 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige was actually performing before Marlin, but it is a 23-year-old from Tromsø who's topping the hit-list in Italy right now.

Felt a little small

1.60 meters tall Lene Marlin became small against the sea of people which towered against the night sky in Verona, but she was received like a long lost friend when she took position behind the microphone stand to the tunes of the single You Weren't There.

- I am touched by the fact that people remember me, and that I have fans who have waited patiently for me for years, comments Marlin elated.

- It was like jumping off a cliff. I felt so very small when I got out on stage. Arena Di Verona is after all a very venerable place.

It seems like a very long time ago since Marlin was traveling on her first tour abroad as an artist to Japan to promote the debut album Playing My Game.

- That was a different time altogether. I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Now I'm just happy about my new album. Besides, I look forward to doing somewhat of a small club tour in a short while, reveals Marlin, who in many ways crossed another barriére yesterday evening.

- It's fantastic. Insane. I'm totally sedated, Marlin reveals, who thinks it's great to see the album Another Day in the stores.

- What do you think about the fact that the album was put on the internet illegally in the middle of the launch?

- I can't begin thinking about the downloading of music into all this. I have other things to worry about. Now, I'm just delighted by all the positive things.

She arrived at the classic amphitheater in a large Mercedes with dark windows. As Marlin showed herself, hundreds who had taken place outside the barriers started to scream like they were possessed. Marlin hurried in through the artist entrance on the backside, with Per Eirik Johansen at her tail. The EMI-director had to show some good old-fashioned foot-work, and he hasn't forgotten old skills from the time he was a manager for Bel Canto.

- Lene is going to be matched very carefully. She wants to perform live herself. Not because it's necessary, but because she wants to perform her own songs in front of an audience, Johansen explains, while it's boiling around him backstage - where older, distinguished gentlemen in tailor-made suits mingle with model-thin young women in miniskirts.

Right in the middle of this circus Lene Marlin represents an alternative to the glamorous nonsense which is the hallmark of the music industry: In Southern Europe she becomes exotic by her unconceited appearance, where she stands straight up and down singing in her blue T-shirt and matching jeans.

Translation by Tef Johs


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