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02 October 2003
French success predicted for Lene
Source : VG
PARIS, VG French musicjournalists predicts another success after she last night released her new album in the intimate "China Club" in Paris, France.

Lene Marlin played three songs from the album "Another Day". Just as excited as with earlier occasions, she recieved this award with relief and a modest smile.

- "I believe in the same success as last time", Pierre Veillet said to VG. Veillet works for several well-known musical-magazines, like the french version of "Rolling Stone".

Rough market

- "Her success came pretty late in France last time, so the release of this album, seem just right, time-wise. And it's the songs that are well known here in Frane, not Lene Marlin herself", says Veillet - Who would like to hear more of Lene's songs. As could Mathias Abiker from the TV-channel MCM, France's answer to MTV. But Abiker also believes in great success.

- "Yes, it will start off slow, but it might even be bigger than last time. It's all about marketing. It needs to get better. She has to be more available than last time."

He points out that Lene Marlin is fighting in a rough market, where nearly all music being sold, is French.

- "Besides, there are many popular French women in the "melancholy-pop" genre", he says.

Considering that, it was a great achievement getting those sales-records on her first album, Playing My Game. In France and Italy she sold nearly 700.000 records all-together. It was in these two countries she had the biggest international success in, besides England.

Unblievable fun

Lene Marlin was again incredibly happy about the mini-concert held at "Place de la Bastille" yesterday evening. Each time she completes a show, she expresses a huge amount of relief.

- "This was so much fun. Unbelievable.", she says, while specially invited fans are given the opportunity of getting their pictures taken with her, and CD's signed. Including the fans, there were about 300 people from the buisness, and journalists in the smoke-filled, hot room.

It's a setting Lene is really comfortable with.

- "Yes, I can see this sort of setting in the future, but nothing is decided yet", she says.

She explains that the plan for the new album, is to work slowly with it, since it's been a long time since the last album.

- "I want to take things slowly, I don't want the same straining as last time. Right now, everything is very calm, and I'm happy with that. It turns out real good then", Lene smiles.

Translation by Tef Johs


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