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22 October 2003
Scandinavian gem
Source : mcm.net
4 years after a draw attention debut album, Playing my Game, the norwegian Lene Marlin come back to us with Another day, a more mature album, producted by the distinguished Mike Hedges. Meet with the scandinavian gem...

Why have you waited 4 years to realise this 2nd album?

"Debut album was sold at 7 million copies, much more that all people thought. I needed time to relax me and to think on what I will go to do. Sleep, relax and do other things..."

How did you meet Mike Hedges?

"It's also for that it was long. We looked for the good producer. His name was quoted. I went to meet him in London. The meet was good. We saw one another to see if we can do something together. We lived one week together before realised it's doing well. Then we told to us: doing an album."

He worked with The Cure, U2 and Travis. Do you listen to this group?

"Yes, I listen Travis and U2. But I didn't know anything about his work's method befor work with him. To The Cure, I was born in 1980 so... I listen a lot of another artist. I like Coldplay, U2, Jeff Buckley, David Gray, Torn McRae..."

Where did you record this new album?

"We recorded it in London 'cause Mike Hedges's studios were in London. I went to record and I did a lot of returns between Oslo and London. It took a lot of time... We've beginning in October 2002 and we finished in June."

Where do you take your inspiration?

In the life of all days, my reading, my experiences... Some song could be about things who happened to me. But to me, it's important that people don't know what song speak about me. Only my friends know. I want that people do their own song's interpretation."

You write a lot about love and friendship. Why is it so important to you?

It's a subject who concerns everybody. It's why I write about this: love, friendship, hope. This feelings affect all the people. I'm 23 years old. It's important to me that someone who listen to my songs and who is 15, 25 or 40 years old tells me: "I know what you speak about".

How come from your songs to you?

It depends. Sometimes, lyrics comes before music. Sometimes it's the music before the lyrics. And sometimes the both in same time. All depend of my inspiration. Mike Hedges really understand what I wanted. When I write a song, I like when song's emotion is retranscribed faithfully during recording. Even if we add agreement it's important that the emotion stay the same. And that is spend well thanks to Mike.

Did your vision of the industry of the disc evolve now that you been a part?

"When I recorded PMG I was 17. There is a big difference now 'cause I know more about business and also about me"

Does that look like that you imagine 5 years ago?

I didn't imagine a lot of thing at this period. I didn't have any ideas about how it would be at this period, when i realised my first album. I thought that PMG would only be realised in Norway so when business was doing well I just said to myself that is cool. I didn't have ambition to sold a lot of albums.

Do you pay a particular attention on your image?

I've always wanted to appear myself. Wear what I want. It's important to me.

Do you know what you would have done if you had not leaked out in this profession?

I certainly finish my studies, take a year to know what I wanted to do and then go to University when I would have know what I wanted to do.

Have you a career plan?

It's hard to have it. We will see in the future. I just want to take advantage of this album and have fun. It's hard to predict what is going to take place. I hope that I could do a third album...

Translation by Olympien


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