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20 November 2003
Luck is smiling to Lene Marlin
Source : Aftenposten
A satisfied Lene Marlin is releasing a new single this week. Happy about life after the come-back, happy about a total record sale of 350.000 copies, and next year she's going on tour.

Nobel ready

Lene Marlin is happy about the re-entrance to the music world again. On December 11th, she is playing during the Nobel concert.

Totally wonderful

Three and a half month have passed since pop star Lene Marlin (23) suddenly was back into the limelight, after a self-initiated pause of over three years. Now she's talking for the first time about the experiences since the come-back.

- Things are really good, and I'm happy. I observe that this time I may work in a long-term fashion and in a tempo that I want, and that is toally wonderful, says Lene Marlin to Aftenposten.

On September 22nd, her second album Another Day was released, four and a half years after the debut Playing My Game. That one sold an incredible 1.7 million in Europe, Asia, and Australia - but resulted in a promotion- and press hunt that ultimately ended up in a heavy mental crack for the Troms° girl.

Ran out in the sand

This autumn's sequel has up until now sold about 350.000 copies, approximately 75.000 of these in Norway. Except for a-ha and R÷yksopp there are no other Norwegian pop artists selling this much abroad.

- Some will probably call it a flop, and this they are welcome to do. For me it means nothing, I'm incredibly satisfied. Long before the album came out, I could read in some papers that my career had ran out in the sand, since I had been away for so long, but those who know me understand it was the right thing to do, says Lene Marlin.

She thinks it would be insane to think it would be possible to repeat the same sales success as last time, but underscores that it took a long time before the sales hit off also the last time. Among others almost a year in England.

- It's of course a great clichÚ, but for me it was a success just to have made this record. It's different; besides, I had not been doing this if I had to do the same run again. I got worked up about the expectations when the previous one started to sell a lot, says Lene Marlin.

Less personal focus

Since the release she's been doing a lot of the same things as last time, traveled about in Europe, and been talking about herself and the music. The difference is that now it's much more focus on the music than the person, and that the run is done far easier and more controlled by Lene Marlin herself. The last time it all ended in a bad conscience for everything and everyone, abroad and home.

- This time it's been poor with the bad conscience, I must say. More happiness and satisfaction, says Lene Marlin.

She has not regretted for a second the honesty surrounding the problems following the debut either, which she told about in both newspapers, radio, and TV for a week this summer.

- Not a problem. It was natural that those things came up, and I felt it was important to get it out. I couldn't just pretend I had been sleeping for four years. It became too much at once, but I haven't regretted it at all. I'm not embarrassed about what happened, and have nothing to be ashamed about, says Lene Marlin.

With exclusively positive experiences in her head, she's merely looking forward, the problems she has put behind her. Now, more work is waiting on the second album, both in Norway, Europe, and eventually Asia on the new year. First out is the title track Another Day, which is released as a radio single this week, and a performance at the Nobel Concert in Oslo Spectrum, on December 11th.

Tour next year

Waiting are also real concerts and a tour, something Lene Marlin has never done before. Nothing is definite, but it will come next year.

- That is something I wish to explore, yes, so it must be something that ought to happen, says Lene Marlin.

Prepared and ready for a further career with the things she loves. The music. No matter whether it will sell two millions or two thousand.

- I'm resting on my history. Therefore, my goals for success become a bit different than a great deal others, says Lene Marlin.

Translation by Tef Johs


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