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30 October 2003
I'm out of tunnel
Source : Max
With the first album she conquered the world, but she fell into depression. So she took a vacation. Now she's back, happy. Because life is beatiful

Today she has short and very blond hair, a witty face and a cheerful smile. Nevertheless Lene Marlin, norwegian from Tromsų, is recovering with great efforts the brightness lost because of a terrible depression due to success, that kept she long time away form music. She was 18 when she conquered the world with her debut album Playing My Game.
"Everything bursted around me too fast: my life has been upset by an amazing and delightful, but very violent storm. I couldn't manage to sustain the weight of what was happening. Today, four years later, I'm more mature, it doesn't matter to me if this album will sell as the first one. I'm happy and excited by this new experience. At the age of 18 you're frailer and naiver. So I pulled off the plug and I took a break."
Too much stress even forced her to seek shelter in the analysis. "I went and I keep on going. Now I don't really need it, but I continue 'cos it gives me energy". Slowly Lene has found the strength to begin again: "Success had smothered my creativity. Then enthusiasm came back, I found again pleasure in writing songs. When I felt that I also needed to let them listen to people, I understood it was the right time for a new album".
Recorded in London, Another Day keeps the freshness of Playing My Game. But with more maturity. "I'm 23 and in the album I tell about me, my life. But I don't tell only about my world, but also about what I see around me, about other people, stories that I've imagined. What I like most is to tell things in which people might identify themselves".

Translation by Lene.it staff


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