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13 October 2003
«Success was nearly overwhelming me»
Source : Corriere della Sera
Lene Marlin, anti-sexy pop star: it had all been too easy for a young girl like me
The 23 years old Norwegian girl turns up after a break of four years and hits again the nail on the head conquering the hit parade

Blond hair, light eyes, navel in sight: there are the first two ingredients, but to complete the model of pop starlet Lene Marlin is lacking in the last one. The Norwegian singer songwriter, 23 years, does not need to play the sexy to sell records: "Another Day" is at fifth place between the best selling records (70,000 records in two weeks), same position between the singles for "You Weren"t There", which is also the most played radio song after Dido"s one.
Four years have passed from your lucky debut. Why didn"t you immediately profit by the success?
«Neither I, who would have been satisfied with having my first album published only in Norway, nor the record company could expect what would happen: "Playing My Game" selled 1,700,000 copies in the world. From ordinary young girl, who was living with her parents and went to school, I began to travel all over the world and to receive attentions by papers and by people. I remained nearly overwhelmed».
Is it true that you ended up in analysis?
«It was natural searching for the help of a professional, as you do when you"ve toothache and you go to the dentist. I don"t want to enter into details, but it has been a serious thing. You cannot prepare yourself to face such great changes in short time, neither if they tell it to you before».
When did you understand that you could manage it again?
«I never stopped writing, but at a certain moment, playing the new songs to my friends, I felt that I had again this joy in doing music I had lost».
You life in few words…
«I was born in Tromsø, a town of 60-70,000 inhabitants in the deep North of Norway. I grew up there, with my parents and my brother. I was finishing schools and wanted to take a sabbatical year to travel and decide for which faculty enrol myself, but then came the success of the record».
Your idols as a young girl?
«No one in particular. I listened a lot to the radio but I hadn"t a favourite artist».
And nowadays what do you listen to?
«U2, Coldplay, Travis and Norah Jones».
Other hobbies?
«I like to go to the cinema, to go out with friends, to go shopping».
Your favourite film?
«"Something has changed" with Jack Nicholson, who recently has taken the place of Tom Hanks as my favourite actor».
«I read many Swedish authors».
Who would you throw down from the tower between Britney Spears and Madonna?
«I throw no one (laughs), but I prefer Madonna: I admire her ability in remaining on the scene such a long time and to turn up every time with something new and interesting».
Let"s repeat the game: Christina Aguilera or Alanis Morissette?
«Better Alanis, I"ve been a great fan of her album "Jagged Little Pill"».
Favourite food?
«Italian and Japanese, so pasta and sushi. But sometimes an hamburger at McDonald"s too».
Ideal holiday?
«In a quiet and warm place with my friends».
What do you always take with you?
«A good book, my phone, my portable computer and my minidisc recorder».
What advice would you give to a teenager who would like to do your carrier?
«I often receive letters from 13-14 years old teens who ask me for a help. I always answer them not to hurry. If there"s talent, sooner or later it comes out. And I suggest especially not to abandon the studies. I"ve done this way: I have recorded my first album towards the end of my last school year. It was important to me and when I look back I"m glad to have finished the school».

Andrea Laffranchi

THE FANS: «We love her ‘cos she's not an exhibitionist»

First of all they explain you that Lene Marlin is only the name. Her surname is Pedersen and pay attention not to call her «the Marlin» otherwise they get angry. They are the subscribers (more than 1200) of the fan club at www.lene.it: they sacrifice their afternoons to exchange ideas, comments and news about her favourite and they use up the recharges of their phones to vote via Sms her videos and make them climb the charts of Mtv. In the last days, when Lene was in Milan, they arranged to meet from half Italy to follow her in her movings. Under the balcony of Mtv in place Dome it was all red-white-blue, the colours of Norway. Large stripes, huge size photos, flags and many other presents… Francesco Borrega is 20 years old and came from Bari to meet her. These are the reasons why he «loves» the blond young woman: «She"s different from all the others. The fact that she"s European and therefore she comes often to Italy lets her feel us near. Then, not a common thing, she"s a singer and songwriter. And then the boys like her ‘cos she"s pretty». The point of view of the girls is explained by Marcella Campana, 20 years old, from Desio: «She conquers for her way of writing songs, but also for her way of behaving. Britney Spears is an exhibitionist, Lene is a girl within our reach». Sums up Sandro Bernardinello, 18 years old from Verona: «She"s like a classmate».

Translation by Lene.it staff


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