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07 October 2003
Beaten by Idol-David
Source : Bladet Tromsø
At the same time as Lene Marlin scorches into the European lists, she loses the top position on VG Top 40 - to David from Andenes.

In today's VG the Tromsø artist is getting pulled down from the first place by Idol-David, simultanously as Lene Marlin makes her entry at a 20th place on the European list, in competition with Sting, Chemical Brothers and Limp Bizkit.

The new Lene Marlin album is starting to move about in serious ways. This week Another Day makes its debut at a promising 20th place on the European list, gathered by Billboard.

How much the album of 23-year-old Marlin has sold up until now is uncertain. The record company EMI explains that they don't have an overview yet, as the sales figures are coming in quarterly.

26 in Sweden

This is how the first week positions are on the hit lists around in Europe for Marlin: France (41), Sweden (26), Denmark (24), Switzerland (32), Italy (5), and Germany (59).

In Italy, where Another Day went straight to a strong 3rd place, the album falls down to a 5th position. In Spain nothing has happened with the album, but the Marlin single You Weren't There went down to a rather modest 31st position.

The Marlin album has been released in Great Britain, but she's not visible over there either, most probably because she still hasn't started any campaign yet.

In Germany

It is, however, worth noticing that the 59th place in Germany is her strongest position over there ever. The debut album Playing My Game sold 1.8 million worldwide. However, nothing of this in Germany, where it now will be made an effort for Marlin in October and November.

According to EMI, who is very reserved in informing where Marlin is located right now, she does not do any promotion of the album at this moment.

- We have been level-headed in our expectations. In both Norway and Italy it goes a bit better than we had expected, says Hans Olav Grøttheim, artist developer at the EMI office in Oslo, to the FaroJournal.

Translation by Tef Johs


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