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19 October 2003
Slow start for Marlin
Source : VG
Italy and Norway are the exceptions - otherwise things go slow for Lene Marlin (23) and the album Another Day, with moderate positions on the European hit lists.

The single You Weren't There has in other words not functioned as a locomotive for the new album Another Day, which risks to be another bowl for Lene Marlin compared to Playing My Game.

Weak sales

A walkthrough of the various European hit lists reveals that the record buyers aren't exactly running down the stores to secure the Marlin album. The comfort must be that Another Day was just released four weeks ago on the continent, and three weeks ago in Great Britain. However, one should ask whether Marlin has lost many of her old fans - who bought a whole 1.7 million copies of the debut album. In Great Britain the album sold 250.000, while 300.000 French and equally as many Italians secured the debut album.

EMI commitment

The expectations were, to put it mildly, high: EMI Music Publishing, the world's greatest music publisher, wrote in its annual report for 2000 - where they only mentioned a handful of artists - that they expected more hit songs from Marlin the following year.

Exactly how much Another Day has sold over the counter is difficult to evaluate this early, but it's most probably not more than two - three hundred thousand copies.

The album has sold to gold in Italy, which means 50.000, and about the same here at home.

In Italy (9th position) and Norway (4th position) things still go well, even though Another Day was tilted down from the 1st position on the VG chart pretty quickly. In Germany Another Day lies on a modest 66th place. In Austria Marlin isn't even on the charts, while she's in a 39th position in Switzerland.

Weak British sales

The Marlin album has fallen out of the hit lists in Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium, while it still hasn't been visible in Portugal and Spain. In Great Britain, Europe's largest market, only the single You Weren't There has been in so far, but only in a weak 59th position, before it disappeared on the head out in the dark during the first week.

In Sweden the album has fallen from a 26th to a 34th place in the course of three weeks. If the decline continues, Lene Marlin will be out during the next week.

Per Eirik Johansen, director of EMI Norway, wasn't available for a comment yesterday.

Translation by Tef Johs


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