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21 November 2003
NRK P3 Morning Radio broadcast
Source : Nrk
Steinar Sagen (program host): Lene Marlin was gone for a very, very long time, and then finally the second album, 'Another Day', was released at the end of September.

Sagen: And even though you've heard You Weren't There on P3 each and every day since the single was released, Lene Marlin has in a way been gone now too, but now she's here again. Welcome to P3 Morning, Lene!

Lene: Thousand thanks!

Sagen: Where have you been the last few months?

Lene: The last few months? I've been a bit here and there, back and forth, and...

Sagen: Abroad?

Lene: A little...

Sagen: Italy?

Lene: Yes.

Sagen: How is it there, then?

Lene: It's alright there, great food, and...

Sagen: Yes, but I was thinking about the fans; aren't they hysterical?

Lene: Yes, it's kind of...it's distant. You arrive at another world, in a way.

Sagen: You are like the big thing down there?

Lene: It gets to be really distant, you can't really imagine how it is. I got totally shocked when I came down there the last time, it's so much bigger than...

Sagen: How cool! What do you do differently now, compared to when you promoted your debut album?

Lene: I do things much more calmly, it's a totally different thing this time around. This is more like a long-term project, you might say.

Sagen: You don't say? Not to burn out all the lights in both ends?

Lene: Not to burn out all lights before Christmas, ha ha. I feel it's done in a nice, little tempo.

Sagen: How great! It sounds really safe and well. You take after dinner rests and stuff?

Lene: Dinner rests, evening supper, and...

Sagen: One thing that we find really nice, is what you said on TV2's Senkveld. Could we listen to that for a second?

Sagen plays a sequence from the TV2 broadcast, where Lene told about how she got inspired by a program host on P3, who told her she had to come back, because she was sorely missed.

Sagen: A program host on P3 who made you come back? A large contribution, I might say.

Lene: I remember that very well, it was great to hear.

Sagen: Do you remember who it was?

Lene: I do indeed, it was she who's named Guri Solberg. She doesn't seem to work here anymore...

Sagen tries to convince Lene that it was him who said those fateful words, in 2001, by playing something which is supposed to be from an archived 2001 P3 broadcast. It's of course a big practical joke with a fake broadcast, but it sounds like Lene finds it very amusing (which it is).

Lene closes by singing an acoustic live version of Another Day also at NRK P3. A great version, and very similar to the TV2 Sone 2 version on November 20th.

Transcript and translation by Tef Johs


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