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12 November 2003
Success in Asia
Source : Nrk
Lene Marlin has got success on all fronts, now her songs are being sung in Mandarin, which is the 'Chinese written language'. And which is spoken by about 95 percent of the people in China.

Lene Marlin is making such a great success in Asia that local artists now are making their own cover versions of the Tromsø girl's songs.

The artist Sandy Lin's version of Sitting Down Here - sung in Mandarin - has become very popular in Southeast Asia. Hans Olav Grøttheim of the record company EMI says this shows how able a song-writer Lene is, and that this is a testimony that Sitting Down Here is a good song, when it can be translated in Mandarin and still make a hit.

NRK Troms's interview with Hans Olav Grøttheim (HOG), Wednesday, 12.11.2003 (English transcript from news broadcast):

HOG: I think it's great fun to observe that Lene really is a very able song-writer, and that even translating it to a language as, for instance, Mandarin, and still get a hit, that's a testimony how good that song really is.

Reporter: The artist Sandy Lin is very popular in Southeast Asia, and her version of Sitting Down Here has become a great success. And Lene Marlin herself has supposedly stated that she likes Lin's voice very much, but the Tromsø girl is wondering what she is really singing about. Hans Olav Grøttheim of EMI has not been able to translate the lyrics either.

HOG: Usually, as a starting point, when an artist makes a cover version, or translating the lyrics to another language, they ought to be singing about the same as in the original.

Reporter: Is there any other language you'd want to hear Lene's songs in?

HOG: Yes, something that would be fun is in Finnish, perhaps.

Reporter: Unforgivable Sinner in Finnish?

HOG: Ha ha, perhaps!

Translation by Tef Johz


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