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19 November 2003
Have sold 350.000
Source : Nrk
Lene Marlin keeps on impressing. Her new album has sold 350.000 copies. Now Lene is considering going on tour.

When Lene Marlin released her follow-up to the great success Playing My Game in September, many critics meant that the new album lacked the greater hit songs. Now Another Day has sold 350.000 copies worldwide, and Marlin now considers going out on a tour. Lene Marlin held a mini concert earlier this fall on the shopping centre Oslo City. Many hundreds attended to listen to her. Now there will be more who's going to see her on stage.

- I think it's totally fantastic that the new album has sold 350.000 copies after only two months on sale. This is altogether not how it was last time.

Do you know how many of these which have been sold in Norway?

- This I'm not totally certain of, but I think there have been sold about 80.000 in this country.

Tired of just hit songs

When Lene Marlin released the 'difficult' sequel Another Day, many reviewers were advertising for the clear hit songs. Marlin herself is very pleased that it went this way.

- Thank goodness that it's not an Unforgivable Sinner 2, a Sitting Down Here 2, or a Playing My Game 2 on the new album. It would have been incredibly boring to have been away for four years, and then return just to repeat the same stuff, that would've been incredibly awkward.

- Give the record a chance! Don't listen to it just once or twice, listen to it some more - because it's not the record I made last time.
ýr> Despite the somewhat lukewarm reception, the album has thus sold very well. Lene Marlin is therefore considering whether it's time to go out on a tour. With just a mini-concert at Oslo City earlier this fall, it may be about time that the fans get to see her live?

- Yes, that idea has absolutely started to chew about in my head, so we'll see. It would've been fun to stage something like that.

Likes Norwegian music

Most of Lene's time concerns traveling about, promoting the new album. She still gets some time listening to Norwegian music, and has noticed several good bands.

- I've been listening a great deal to Magnet lately. Otherwise, it's about both Bertine Zetlitz and Madrugada.

What is it about you and Italy, why are you so popular there?

- That I don't even understand myself. I get equally shocked every time I go there. It's totally incredible, but they remember me for some reason very well. However, I have no idea why. I have asked them about it, but haven't got any real answer. This thing with Italy is totally unreal, and gets to be very distant.

Translation by Tef Johs


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