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11 October 2003
"Invisible" Marlin earned 4 million
Source : VG
Lene Marlin (23) earned 4 million despite that she was totally invisible in all connexions.

However, in contrast to most other Norwegian artists, Marlin doesn't need to worry, even if she keeps a low profile: In the course of four years the pop star has earned 21 million nkr - or an average of 5.2 million each year.

With a fortune of just above 10 million nkr, Lene Marlin should have for her salt in the food, and a bit more as well. The copyright- and royalties income keep pouring in even though the album Playing My Game was released as far back in time as Spring of 1999.

The year 2003 will in any case be an even better income year for Marlin: The debut, which has sold about 1.8 million, does not figure on any hit lists, but it will continue to keep ticking money in from the album for a good while yet. The reason is simply that the release of her new album, Another Day, will create new interest and an increased sale of Playing My Game among those who discovers Marlin for the first time this time around.

The song-writer and the artist - who grew up in Krokelvdalen outside of Tromsų - is now about to release more millions from EMI Music Publishing.

The world's greatest music publishing house, with its main office in London, is paying Marlin a whole 14 million in advance for Another Day, if the album gets released in each and all territories, which includes North-America, where 23-year-old Marlin still hasn't been launched.

Translation by Tef Johs


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