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08 December 2003
"I would like to study some time"
Source : Utropia (student newspaper from Tromsø)
With her confidence back in place, and her record sales going like a house on fire, Lene Marlin is back. She lives, and with the door open for study in the future!

Time has not stayed still for Lene Marlin after the Autumn's long awaited come-back. Norway's biggest international success since a-ha attracted a lot of attention after having sold, until now, a formidable 1.8 million copies of her debut record 'Playing My Game'. It also harvested double platinum status and several (Norwegian) Grammys in addition to high levels of recognition in Europe.

All the same, several years ago the press said that the young artist should prepare herself to be forgotten. That she was perhaps a puff of wind.
But now there is a bigger interest than ever before.

"It feels strange, but wonderful. I just had to take the chance. It wasn't so much an issue about when the record would come out, but if. For me it's like starting from fresh. I feel the same delight about getting on Hit 40 as the first time. It is really great that the fans have waited so long for me and demonstrate such generosity. "I am grateful," Lene Marlin says to Utropia.

That sudden success, from being an average teenager who worked on her school-work and homework in parallel with music in Tromsø, to becoming an international superstar almost overnight, took its toll on Marlin. After her victory in Spellemannsprisen 2000, the gate swung shut. It couldn't take any more.

Q: "Describe a day in Lene Marlin's life right now."
A: "Right now I'm leaping here to there, doing interviews and talking about myself and the new record. It is hectic, but very fun. I have luckily got better at setting the limits for myself. I don't say yes to everything any more."

In that heavy period, she wrote songs all the way. Naturally enough, great expectations were attached to the follow-up record 'Another Day'. Despite average reviews, it has sold 350,000 copies up to now, 75,000 of them in Norway.
Q: "Tell us about the new record."
A: "It consists of ten self-written songs some place in the pop world, mainly guitar-based, but with bigger arrangements than on the last one. It demands to be listened to," she says.

The reviews are, generally speaking, agreed that ther is a much darker Marlin to hear on this disc, that this is a melancholy manifesto about emptiness, hope and longing, that she conveys herself through the lyrics.

Q: "Has the record become very personal?"
A: "Yes, of course. Everything I write automatically becomes personal. It is natural to take the starting-point in myself when I write songs. But even if the songs are melancholy and sad, I and happy and content now!"

Q: "Do you consider the record a good present idea for Christmas?"
A: "He-he. I would absolutely recommend it as a Christmas present. It fits well under the tree."

Lene Marlin is established as a musician, with just as much success internationally as nationally. She has earned over 44 million kroner, and can on the whole do as she herself wishes. All the same we must ask:
Q: "Won't you start studying together with us in Tromsø soon?"
A: "I had really thought I would start studying after high school. I had planned a gap year first, and then to start, but of course it didn't go like that. But in a couple of years, when things have fallen more into place, perhaps a chance will open itself," she laughs.
Q: "If you had studied something, what would it have been then?"
A: "He-he. That was why I wanted to have a year out. There are so many thrilling things to study, so I don't know at all what I would have chosen."
Q: "We can offer you a permanent music column in Utropia if you fancy?"
A: "Tempting, but it *******. I'm too absent-minded to be able to deliver every time. Unfortunately. But thanks for the offer!"

In the concert for the Nobel Peace Prize on 11th December in Oslo Spektrum, Lene is one of the artists who will take part. The young artist from Kroken in Tromsø has had to perform at such a dignified occasion. Her debut concert on Norwegian soil was held in the summer in an Oslo shopping centre in front of 6000 overjoyed fans. We have waited a long time for the first concert in her hometown, Tromsø.

"I really want to set out on the touring life, and I am absolutely toying with the thought of playing a concert in Tromsø. It is something I really look forward to, but I don't have any concrete plans as yet," she explains.
Q: "Röyksopp were in town recently and played a secret concert at Kaos. What about trying something similar?"
A: "He-he. That would have perhaps been an idea... I heard about that episode. Fun. Did it myself once in Oslo in a bar there. It was completely spontaneous. Just jumped up on the stage and played a couple of songs."
Q: "Are you going to Tromsø at Christmas, then?"
A: "I don't know yet. I've always spent Christmas in Tromsø before. I'll see."
Q: "What do you eat on Christmas Eve"
A: "Pinnekjøtt. Of course. With that special day goes that special food."
Q: "Hard or soft presents?"
A: "Both. He-he."
Q: "What do you think about the Winter Olympics plans for Tromsø in 2014?
A: "I've heard about it, and think it sounds exciting. We shall hope for the best."
Q: "Could you imagine yourself as an Olympic ambassador for the city?"
A: "He-he! No, no, I really think they can find someone better suited to that duty than me..."

Lene Marlin facts

-She originally comes from Kroken in Tromsø.
-She happened to be noticed as a 17-year-old by an NRK Troms journalist. Lene came from nothing and became an international superstar overnight.
-Her debut album 'Playing My Game' has, up to now, sold 1.8 million copies and the three singles ('Unforgivable Sinner', 'Sitting Down Here' and 'Where I'm Headed') more than 2 million altogether.
-She is believed to have earned over 44 million kroner altogether.
-She hit the wall in the pop-circus and pulled herself back for three years.
-She was together with Stian Barsnes Simonsen, known from NRK and Hotel Cæsar.
-The latest album, 'Another Day', has up to now sold 350,000 copies.
-One of our most popular artists and, together with a-ha and Röyksopp, Norway's largest musical export.

Translation by Guy Puzey for Lene Marlin Fanbase


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