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29 October 2003
Lene M. ready as a Nobel artist
Source : Bladet Tromsø
The only Norwegian artist: Lene Marlin is the only Norwegian artist to have passed the needle eye for the Nobel concert up until now. She might look forward to a TV audience in about a half a billion households in over 100 countries.

Lene Marlin is as the sole Norwegian artist ready for the Nobel concert on December 11th. The Tromsø girl goes from three years of silence to singing for her largest audience ever. It's not enough that the Nobel concert fills the Oslo Spectrum with about 7.000 people. The TV-recordings of the concert will be broadcasted to about 100 countries the world over, with a viewer potential of about 500 million households.

For three years the project responsible for the Nobel concert, Odd Arvid Strømstad, has been working to get Lene Marlin on the artist list. Finally he succeeded.

- Lene Marlin is a very fine artist, and has been since she was in her youth. Like many others I also thought her first album was very nice, says Strømstad of Dinamo Story.


Strømstad is pleased with Lene Marlin saying yes this time around. With international guests on the floor, and not least in front of the TV screens worldwide, there is not for just about anybody to enter the stage during the Nobel concert.

- Lene Marlin has got an appeal far exceeding the boundaries of Norway. She was away for awhile, and when she now returned we tried to reach her to get here, says Strømstad. He believes to be able to offer Lene Marlin a somewhat different concert experience in Oslo Spectrum.

- She has certainly not had such a large audience previously. There will be 6.500 - 7.000 on the floor, and TV viewers in 100 countries. We are aware of that she has been struggling a bit with fears of performing, but we are certain that this will be alright. We're also hoping that Lene Marlin will get a nice experience.

The only Norwegian

According to Strømstad, there was little doubt in Lene Marlin's management that she was to participate.

- The doubt that possibly was there, had to do with whether it fitted into her time schedule, she's traveling about a great deal, says Strømstad.

Lene Marlin is the only Norwegian artist to have passed the needle eye for the Nobel concert, but Dinamo Story has not closed the list fully yet.

- There's a possibility we're going to attach another Norwegian artist, but so far Lene Marlin is the only one.

So far it's clear that the Tromsø girl gets accompanied by the Swedish The Cardigans, the American country star Tim McGraw (possibly with his artist colleague and wife, Faith Hill) and the Irish The Chieftains.

- We are so far pleased with the program, even though all the artists are not ready yet, says Strømstad.

He assumes everything will be set in a couple of days, but doubts that they will be able to top the 2001 concert starring Paul McCartney.

- It's of course not possible to get Paul McCartney to come here every year.

The pair of hosts during this year's Nobel concert will be the Hollywood married couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A good choice, according to Strømstad.

- They were our first choice, and when you get what you wanted from the top shelves, you are satisfied. They are participating in the social debate and are engaged people. They are very well suited for this.

Translation by Tef Johs


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