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11 October 2003
Fjord Focus
Source : OK!/Hot Stars Magazine
Norwegian Lene Marlin stays coy about the secret behind her wistful songs

Norwegian songbird Lene Marlin received international acclaim for her debut album Playing my Game before vanishing off the pop radar as quickly as she appeared. Four years later, she's ready to give it another go, but why did she do a runner at the peak of her chart career? "I just needed to be anonymous for a while. I went back home and relaxed," explains 20-year-old Lene, who was still at school when her single Sitting Down here became an unexpected hit.

She admits it was a classic case of too much too soon. "Because of all the things that happened, I just needed some time to think about it and realise how great it actually was. I won a lot of awards, met fantastic people and I just needed time to get back to the pleasure of making music."

And having rediscovered her groove, she's once again writing the kind of tender tunes that could break the hardest heart. So who inspired the love-lon longing on her new album? " I shouldn't really tell you - it's a secret," says Lene coyly. "It's so personal because I write the songs myself and I don't want people to know which ones are about me. I would like people to make up their own stories."

Surely it takes a broken heart to pen such wistful songs? "People have to listen to the album and see" she warbles. And she's equally secretive when asked if she's dating anyone. "I'm not gonna answer that!" she laughs, before explaining, "I'm very careful with my private life. I don't want people to know too much about me. I write the songs and that's enough."

Marie Keating


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