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10 December 2003
A nice girl Lene Marlin
Source : Russian magazine
- Hello Lene! How are you?

- Fine! Today is Monday. But still Iím fine. Though I donít really like Mondays.

- Sorry that Iím beginning from this question, but ďAnother DayĒ is your second album and how critics like to say the most difficult for artist. Did you think about this while you have been recording it?

- No, because there was quite a big break between my first album and this one, almost 4 years. Honestly, I was afraid of another thing. I was afraid that people would forget me. But now I understand itís much better. I had a chance to call myself a new artist. Iím really satisfied with my new album and want change nothing in it.

- Your first album has been sold 1,5 million copies. Are you going to repeat it with your new CD?

- Honestly: I donít think that Another Day will be really popular.

- Why?

- Because there is a different music on it, more serious. I donít think that people expect something like this from me.

- OK. And what differs your new CD from ďPlaying My GameĒ?

- All changes, which had happened with me, they have found a place on my album. First of all, the main change is me. I grew up and from teen I became... a young woman. Of course I look at the world in other way now, I feel myself differently. The world is real for me now. But itís natural. And one more important thing... all the songs on ďAnother DayĒ were written by me.

- What does make you to write?

- Everything: people in the streets, my friends, books which I read. Every trifle.

- And of course you listen to a lot of music... What CDís have you been listening to while you were recording ďAnother DayĒ?

- I think that now Iíll disappoint you. Iím not a big fan of music. Iím sure that my home collection of CDís is much smaller than yours. I listen to music very seldom I mean just sit and listen. And while I was recording ďAnother DayĒ I went to London and back and didnít have a lot of free time. But Iíll try to answer your question. Lately, I have listened to Coldplay, U2, and David Grey.

- What do you want to say with your new album?

- I think nothing. Oh, my God, I seem so stupid to myself now. Itís just songs, which I wrote. I like them all and Iím satisfied with everyone. But I think nothing connects them. And should it?

- I donít know...

- And I donít know. Itís just songs... my songs.

- Many critics compare your album with albums of Dido and Jewel. What do you think? And does it matter to you what they write about you?

- Honestly, not really. Itís much more interesting for me to listen to the opinions of those people who buy my albums, or of my friends. Iím sure they wonít lie to me. What about comparisons... it doesnít matter to me too. Let them compare, anywhere Iíll stay myself. Me, itís me, and I write songs the way I want it. Itís really difficult to convince me.

- Itís called independent person.

- Yes, Iím kind of independent women.

- I know that your CDís havenít been released in the USA. Why? Donít you want to be famous in States?

- My first album wasn't released there because I didnít want it. And second... I donít know. I just donít know. Honestly, I donít think about it. Iím not really sure that I need it. And I havenít got a big wish to do it.

- Do you remember what the first CD that you bought was?

- Iím not sure, but I think it was some kind of compilation of old-old songs: from 60ís.

- OK, now letís try to do some kind of blitz?

- OK.

- Your favorite CD?

- HmmÖ Itís really difficult. I have a lot of... maybe something from the Beatles.

- Your favorite movie?

- ďIt couldnít be betterĒ with Helen Hunt.

- Your favorite food?

- Something Italian or Japanese. I canít choose.

- And, finally, your favorite drinks?

- Cola.

- You donít drink any alcohol?

- Why? I canít live without beer.

Translation by Lassie


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