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19 November 2003
Lene: - Great fun!
Source : VG
With an album of current interest, Lene Marlin (23) is delighted about the almost 1500 submitted questions for 'Tett på Nett'.

- 1500 questions! Wow! Says the Tromsø girl, when she takes a seat in front of the keyboard at 12 noon to answer the questions from fans at home and abroad.

Exclusive net meeting

Three years have passed since Lene last time met Tett på Nett on VG Nett. Today's net meeting is the first the 23-year-old is participating in since the come-back in September. The curiousity surrounding the artist who yesterday launched a new single from the album Another Day is thus naturally great.

- Fun

How Lene feels about meeting her supporters in this way - over the net?

- This is fun! I think it's great fun getting feedback from people, and hearing what they think, says Lene to VG Nett.

From abroad

Lene is otherwise quite reticent. She chooses to use all her concentration on the submitted questions, and thus the reporters have to nicely stay away.

The fans get Lene quickly on her way. She's revealing among other things that she likes the rock band The Darkness, and that the favourite song from her new album is Faces, and that she's hoping to relase another album.

- Perhaps in four years?, she writes.

Lene chooses herself the questions she want to answer. Lene's Italian fan site on the net have picked up the exclusive net meeting interview, and have put out the link on their pages. That's why Lene has to be prepared for giving some answers in Enlish.

Translation by Tef Johs


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