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14 October 2003
Look who's singing
Source : Smaalenene newspaper
Norwegian artists avoided VHS. However, now the DVD revolution has commenced, lead by Lene Marlin, Turbo Negro, and - soon - Morten Abel.

Lene Marlin's Another Day was released simultanously on DVD and CD, and the marketing was highly co-ordinated. The Christmas shopping 2003 might easily be the breakthrough for DVD in Norway. Both players and burners have fallen to a price level which the masses may like, and simultanously with this the demand increases for content. Both feature films and music DVDs.

Up 135 percent

According to fresh numbers from the industry organization IFPI, the sales of music DVDs increased by a whole 135 percent in September, compared to the same month last year. Norwegian artists have also contributed to this development. Turbo Negro - The Movie has been purchased by 4000 Norwegians, while Lene Marlin's Another Day has sold 6000 copies, after only a few weeks in retail stores.

Another Day was released simultanously on CD and DVD. You will most likely see more of this double run in the time ahead: Same title, and by a far way the same content. The larger difference is in the picture dimension. In addition to listening to the album's songs, you may on the DVD watch Lene Marlin perform them in the studio together with some of the musicians who have contributed to the record. Besides this, Lene is talking about her songs, and the musicians are talking about Lene a bit.

- 6000 sold so far is pleasant for the DVD format. However, this is far less than the 70.000 CDs that have been sent out in the same time period, comments Kenneth Ruiz-Davila, sales manager of EMI Music Norway. He calculates the market for DVD today to be about ten percent of the CD market.

- This percentage share might rise during the Christmas shopping period, Ruiz-Davila believes - with poorly hidden expectations to Morten Abel's DVD, which is to be released following his new CD, on November 24th.

If the DVD gets to be done in time, that is.


The DVD has accelerated among Norwegian artists in a way the VHS never did. Why?

- DVD projects as a luxury product. High technical quality, possibilities for interactivity, simple to produce; and all this put together makes it possible to set the sales price so high that there is money to earn, Asbjørn Slettemark explains, editor of the industry magazine FaroJournalen.

His magazine has in its latest issue a main topic about Norwegian DVD artists. And exactly the artists themselves are an important part of the explanation, Slettemark believes.

- They have become more focused on exploiting all commercial aspects of their careers, like merchandise and DVD. When they already have invested in concert recordings and music videos, there doesn't need to be much more expense putting this material out for sale in the DVD format.

Translation by Tef Johs


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