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21 November 2003
Lene at TV2 Sone 2
Source : Sone 2
Introduction Host Gaute: We are very proud of having a little girl in our studio today. She was here in September, and has since that time sold 350.000 albums. No, I'm not talking about Kylie Minogue, but our own superstar, Lene Marlin.

Gaute: Welcome back to Sone 2, Lene.

Lene: Thousand thanks!


Gaute: Hope you can lift the Norwegian soul a bit, after the yesterday I mean?

Lene: I saw the match, yes, that match in particular I had to watch!

Gaute and Lene are speaking a bit about Tromsų soccer team, who barely managed to stay in the premier division in Norway. Lene is very happy about the fact that her home team managed to survive.

Lene: I'm not following soccer that closely, but I was pleased that we kept the position.

They are joking a bit about the Norwegian national soccer team, and who's going to be the next coach.

Rumours and Lene's recent album sales

Gaute: Are there many rumours about you?

Lene: Yes, it has been a lot of that. And it's interesting to hear what's going around.

Gaute: What's the more juicy bits?

Lene: I don't think I get to hear that in particular. At some point, people stopped telling me. It's the same anyway.

Gaute: It must be an incredible vengeance to have come back after being away for so long, and then selling so many records?

Lene: It has turned out very well up until now. When the first album came out, I hadn't been selling nearly as much, at a corresponding time. I don't expect the new album to sell 1.7 million copies, though.


Gaute: Italy, why are you so popular down there?

Lene: I don't know, I have even asked: Why do you like me so much down here? It's great fun, though.

Gaute: I'm not saying it's not your music which is the cause, but could it be that Marlin means something juicy in Italian? Perhaps 'Marlin' means undress until naked?

Lene: Ha ha, perhaps, I don't know, I have to check it out the next time. I know it means swordfish in some language.


Gaute: Almost everyone is playing You Weren't There on nachspiels this fall. It would be a crisis among the nachspiel DJs if you showed up, playing live, I mean?

Lene: I'd better not come to a vorspiel, because that would make it sad. I'd rather wait until the nachspiel, then it's a more sader mood, and it's time to pick up the guitar.

Gaute: Do you play guitar and such on nachspiels?

Lene: No I don't do that. I usually don't go to nachspiels. I usually end up going home before that!

Gaute: It's very rare to be on a great nachspiel, isn't it? Everyone is just tired and down? The next day, you always regret having stayed at a nachspiel.

Lene: Yes, that's right.

Gaute: Okay, great, then we agree on that; let's listen to Lene's nachspiel song.

You Weren't There

You Weren't There video plays, the entire thing.

Gaute: This is a song that I never get tired of, Lene.

Lene: I'm starting to...

Gaute: No, aren't you going on a tour?

Lene: Yes, I'll get the inspiration back.

Gaute: Is it your best song ever?

Lene: No!

Gaute: That's clear and frank!

Quick question session

Host Cathrine: What profession would you have chosen if you weren't a popstar?

Lene: Popstar? I don't know, something else, I don't know, honestly...

Cathrine: How old were you when you started playing guitar?

Lene: Fourteen or fifteen...

Cathrine: Have you ever considered harmonica?

Lene: No!

Cathrine: How was school?

Lene: It was alright.

Cathrine: What do you wish for Christmas?

Lene: On that point I have some struggle...

Cathrine: Okay, a penalty question, then: What is more important in your life right now?

Lene: Ah, a trick question!

Cathrine: No, it wasn't a trick question...

Lene: For Christmas, I wish for books and a portable CD player.

Cathrine: Ah, look how cleverly she got out of that one!

Artist styles

Gaute: Lene, you are selling a lot of albums, but let's give you some smaller advice...

They are jokingly discussing some other pop artists' styles, for instance Christina Aguilera, Kelly Osbourne, and Pink. Gaute is making some fun remarks about Lene's original hair style, and that he attempted to look like her, but couldn't make his hair to be looking that grey. Then he claims that Lene looks a lot like Pink, and that she could easily pass as her little sister. Lene doesn't seem to agree that much.

Gaute: Could you use clothes in 50'ies style?

Lene: I'm not following such trends, I just buy the stuff in the stores. I just walk about, and people will have to take me as I am.

Another Day live acoustic

Gaute: Now, for a wonderful song! I've heard it on the rehearsals. Turn up your volume, sit back well, and enjoy.

Lene then sings Another Day live acoustically, backed up by two men on classical guitars. A stunningly beautiful performance.

Gaute: Great thanks, Lene, for wanting to perform for us. This song is even more beautiful this way than on the album. We get much more than what we could expect getting!

Caller question session

Lene is asking some simple questions to a caller on the show, among other things which city she's from (Tromsų), how old she is (she feels like 22, but is 23), which star sign she's born in (Leo, August 17th), and that she's not having eight brothers and sisters (Lene's got one older brother).

Lene's imminent future plans

Lene: I'm going to travel a bit, work a little...some abroad, some at home, back and forth.

Gaute: What's your favourite country? You're not planning on moving abroad, to Switzerland or something?

Lene: No, I'm actually going to Switzerland, but I'm not going to move there.

Gaute: The messages are pouring in; you're so beautiful, Lene Marlin. I'm going to put my name on that.

Have a nice evening!

Transcript and translation by Tef Johs


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