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16 October 2004
- Haven't been away
Source : Nordlys
When Morten Abel wanted to have Lene Marlin join him for a tour, the Tromsų girl put down demands about getting to be playing in the home town.

OSLO: Six years after the debut will Lene Marlin (24) finally be going on tour. The fans have been waiting, the whole of Tromsų have been waiting, and actually it sounds like Lene has been waiting herself too. And when it now happens, it will be greater than what she had imagined.

- I didn't visualize it in this format, says Lene Marlin.

On December 3rd starts the tour with three of Norway's greater pop stars. Lene Marlin, Bertine Zetlitz, and Morten Abel will together be visiting some of the country's largest cities.

- This was to happen at one time or another. I was going to go on a tour. However, I didn't plan for it to be happening this way. I was visualizing something small, little, and cozy. Now it gets to be big. And cozy. Big coziness, actually, Lene Marlin laughs.

Almost all of yesterday the three stars had put aside for meeting the media. In the 2nd floor at the venerable Grand Hotel in Oslo, they wandered from room to room, and answered politely on questions about everything from English song lyrics to Lene's absence from the limelight.

Have not been away

Four years after the crash debut with Playing My Game, Lene Marlin did a come-back. She did it again, made a hit, played at the Nobel concert in December, but then she disappeared again. Without a tour. Without many meetings with the fans.

Lene Marlin is laughing loudly, and is bending down with her face in her hands. She has obviously gotten the question before.

- I haven't been away. That's just because I have been away from the media picture. I don't recognize myself in that I've been away. I have been here and I have been working. However, I haven't sought for the places where you may be better seen. This is difficult to be discussing, since I don't feel like I've been away. I have been doing my stuff. I won't be using the word shy, but being in the limelight is not what I like the best. I haven't deliberately been pushing myself away, but I like to be doing what I'm doing a bit in silence, Lene Marlin explains.

The last year she has been traveling a lot, been promoting the record, and been working more with writing music. The time has passed quickly, and she thus has no feeling of that it's been long since the album came.

When the whole of Norway last year thought that Lene Marlin was to go on tour, and that she was to be holding a concert among other places in Tromsų, Lene Marlin was abroad, and knew far from this much.

I didn't understand anything. There were probably some eager souls who went a bit too quickly ahead, she explains.

The idea of three superstars to be touring together came from Morten Abel. He was to go on a tour himself, and wanted to do something different and bigger, so he contacted Bertine Zetlitz and Lene Marlin.

- When I was presented to this, I thought it was too good to say no to. I didn't want to be sitting there watching this, this I wanted to be a part of, says Lene Marlin, and tells us that it's comforting to be making her debut on a tour with two such experienced artists.

Abel, on the other hand, chose Zetlitz and Lene Marlin because he regards them to be good song writers, and has a respect for what they do. And Lene Marlin is more than willing to speak about mutual respect.

- The stomach feeling is good, she says in front of the tour start.

Is all well

However, there was one thing Lene Marlin was to decide. The tour had to go to Tromsų if this was to be reality for her.

- It was important for me that Tromsų was on the schedule. On the original schedule, Tromsų wasn't there, but it was guaranteed for me that Tromsų had to be there for me to go along with it. There will, of course, be something special to be playing in Tromsų, I won't hide that fact. However, I'm looking forward to everything. Pure happiness, Lene Marlin states.

It was a bubbling and self-confident Tromsų girl who met the media yesterday, and Lene Marlin avowed before Nordlys that she is all well now, that life hasn't been equally heavy like it was before the come-back.

- I'm limiting myself in regards to the public. I'm all well. Absolutely. It has been all totally nice, she says.

Morten Abel is releasing a double collector's album in the near future, and Bertine Zetlitz is also in the current interest with an album. However, Lene Marlin has no plans for when the next album is to come.

- I really don't have any plan. Remember, there were four years between the first and second album, so I have a good three years to go, she jokes.

Likes to be at home

Music she still is producing, constantly.

- I've been writing music since I was 14. This is what I do. What I know. So I'm creating along the way. But it has to come naturally, and I'm very dependent on having peace to work. I'm often sitting on my couch, picking up the guitar when I feel for it, she says.

Home to Tromsų she also travels from time to time, she just doesn't do it in full public.

- I like to be at home. My family is there. It's there I've been living in my first 16-17 years, and there's always something special about the home town, she says.

Lene Marlin, Bertine Zetlitz, and Morten Abel didn't know eachother all that well before the tour cooperation was arranged. However, Abel believes this will be the world's greatest tour. He is happy that the other two would join him in this greater format, and thinks the three of them together can make the evening very exciting.

- We are different artists, so there will be a varied and exciting evening, he says.

- The huge community singing thing we haven't touched upon that much yet, Bertine Zetlitz laughs, while Lene marlin reveals there are still much to get in place before the tour begins.

- I haven't started to practice, have barely gotten myself a band, she smiles, and guarantees that she is not just going to appear low-voiced with her classical guitar. It might happen that the audience will see Lene Marlin from a different perspective this time around.

Future in the industry

With two experienced stars by her side, Lene Marlin feels it's safe to travel about and be meeting the audience. She is burning for the idea of touring together, and is very much looking forward to it.

- It gets to be very lonely in a way when you're a solo artist, so it's good to be several together. Just this today, with a lot of interviews, then it's good not to be alone. Then you may catch your breath, she smiles.

The ladies from the record company are clinking their glasses, and indicate that our tightly measured time is up. Morten Abel is tripping impatiently, and is more looking forward to be playing, stop all the talking. However, there are still a few months and some planning left. The next group of journalists is waiting, the photographers are ready, and both Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz must endure to be put somewhat in the shadow by Lene Marlin, despite that they now are one trio.

- Are you going to stay in this job?

- That was a huge prospective question. I love music, and I like to write songs, so I don't have any plans of puzzling with anything else. This is what I know, and what I want to do. And I have been doing it for a good while now. It has become several years, Lene Marlin concludes.

It has become a few years, and she was never away - and now she is going home.

Translated by Tef Johs


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