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11 March 2004
Lene's tour dates in Europe debunked
Source : VG
Record company will not confirm concerts in Paris and Zürich in May.

Lene Marlin (23) is going on tour in Europe in May. It is now already possible to buy tickets to the concerts in Zürich and Paris. At the same time, her record company EMI and the concert agency Helter Skelter maintain stubbornly that no dates are confirmed yet.

The news that Lene Marlin will go on tour for the very first time since her breakthrough in 1999 was revealed three whole weeks ago, when Virgin Records Italy leaked information about the plans to the Italian fan-club, which is very active by the way.

Hans Olav Grĝttheim, who is responsible for artist matters at EMI Recorded Music Norway, confirmed that the plans for a Marlin tour were very much set.


It is now clear that Marlin will appear with her band on May 8th at Kaufleuten in Zürich and on May 11th at La Scene Bastille in Paris.

The tickets, which can be bought on the Internet, cost 48 CHF and 22 EUR respectively.

All the same, neither EMI or Helter Skelter will reveal anything at all.

- Strange. I have just spoken with Marlin's agent. No dates are set, establishes EMI director Per Eirik Johansen.

- No show is confirmed yet, says Helter Skelter agent Mike Greek.

- Isn't it peculiar then, that it is already possible to buy tickets to the concerts in Zürich and Paris?

- These are dates which have been talked about, but which should never have been made public, reveals Greek further.

Strictly confidential

Good News Productions in Zürich, which has the tender of arranging the Marlin concert, reveals that as far as they know, the show is going ahead as planned.

On the other hand, the company does not wish to contribute any information about which other dates Lene will appear in Europe. It is also revealed that the information about who books the tour and works as her manager is strictly confidential.

The Italian fan club says that there is talk about three concerts in Italy. According to EMI there is also talk about concerts in Norway.

- I expect that she has put Tromsĝ in her plans. It isn't a question about whether she wants to play there, but when, says Hans Olav Grĝttheim from the EMI office in Oslo.

Keeping their cards close to their chests

In the Spellemann show, where Marlin incidentally was nominated for two prizes, she herself qualified that nothing was set fast regarding the tour.

- No, the planning isn't finished yet. If it was, I would be the first to say so, remarked Lene Marlin, who did however say that she has a great respect for her work and public.

- I have sat at home and strummed at my guitar for many years. To perform my songs for other people is not something I do easily, said the singer, who has with her album Another Day experienced far from the same amount of success as with the million-selling debut Playing My Game.

Translation by Tef Johs


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