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02 October 2004
Lene to be present at Nordic TV show
Source : VG
Triple nominated for the Nordic Music Awards

Lene Marlin (24) has barely shown herself following her last year's appearance after three years of silence, but she will be present at the Nordic Music Awards - where she is nominated for three prizes.

MAY GET NEW TROPHEES: Lene Marlin will be sitting on the floor during Nordic Music Awards, where she can win a whole three prizes: Best Nordic Artist, Best Norwegian Artist, and Best Nordic Export.

Lene Marlin is the sole Norwegian artist nominated in the category Best Nordic Artist - where she's up against Agnetha Fältskog, Bo Kaspers Orchestra, Lisa Nilsson, and Outlandish.

VG has been talking to several people confirming that Lene Marlin is coming to the awards.

According to the artist responsible Jon Eirik Jakobsen at Air Productions, who are producing the show together with Monster, all the nominees in the Nordic category will be present at the floor during the awards in Oslo Spektrum. Including Lene Marlin.

Disappeared from the limelight

- We expect having each and all of the Nordic nominees on the floor, and have gotten signals that Lene Marlin also will come. We have been dealing with her previously, among other things during Hit Awards - and that has been very nice. We believe she thought the same, says Jon Eirik Jakobsen.

Hit Awards was the prequel to Nordic Music Awards - and in 1999 Lene Marlin won four prizes: Hit of the year, Female artist of the year, Female international artist of the year, and Artist of the year.

Following the enormous success the young Lene Marlin withdrew totally from the limelight in 2000, but last year she met a complete Norwegian press to talk about her new album Another Day, the success, and the trip down. However, it didn't take long before Lene again disappeared from the limelight, and her eager fans here at home and in Italy have been advertising for her and the tour that was promised.

Gyro Leira at Lene's record company EMI is still silent:

- There is nothing new regarding Lene Marlin, says Leira to VG. However, the record company does not deny that Lene Marlin will come to the Nordic Music Awards.

- I cannot confirm that, nor can I deny it. But I will think she will be there, says market responsible Bjørn Rogstad at EMI.

Italian fancrowd

After Lene Marlin's contract with manager Arne Svare expired this summer, she has not aquired a new manager, but she has been connected to the British Alistair Norbury, the music publisher of U2 and Bob Marley. VG has not been successful in reaching Norbury.

However, the Italian fan-club of Marlin have some time ago been in contact with Norbury, and they speak about him as her manager. The fan-club is writing on their homepage that they have received an e-mail from Norbury where he's writing that Lene is happy and well, and that it's very important for her to know that she has such great support from the fans.

Now the fans are showing their support for Lene once again: The Italian fan-club have on their homepage started a campaign for voting forth Lene Marlin as winner during Nordic Music Awards. They request everyone to be voting for Lene, and fans from Italy, Malaysia, Belgium, and Sweden are some of those having attempted giving their vote to Lene.

Unfortunately for the eager fans, there are only those with Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish phone subscription that are eligible to vote.

During Nordic Music Awards in Oslo Spektrum, October 21st and 23rd, Lene Marlin is in addition to the prize for Best Nordic Artist, nominated to the prize for Best Norwegian Artist, and to the prize Nordic Export. The winner of Nordic Export award is the artist that has been making the better mark outside Scandinavia by album sales and chart positions.

Translated by Tef Johs


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