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16 April 2004
Marlin cancels
Source : VG
Postpones the tour indefinitely.

The concerts are cancelled, and the European tour of Lene Marlin (23) - which should have been staged in May - is postponed indefinitely.

WAITING: The much spoken of tour of Lene Marlin has been postponed indefinitely. According to the record company EMI, Lene Marlin will instead be concentrating on promoting the album Another Day in Great Britain, Germany, and several other European countries.

- The tour was never confirmed. Thus, it's just nonsense to claim that the concerts have been cancelled, EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen thinks, who discovered the young singer and songwriter from Tromsĝ in 1998.

Concert dates

However, much points to the fact that the international booking bureau Helter Skelter had planned and plotted in a series of concert dates in Europe, which got cancelled following the release of the tickets for sale in Treviso (7.5), Zürich (8.5), and Paris (11.5).

In Italy alone, where Marlin has a very active fan club, at least three concerts were discussed, among others in Milan.

- I have no idea why these dates were released, or who have been misunderstanding. The communication has in any way failed, Johansen notes, who can inform that Marlin will be doing promo in April and May.

There are in these days five years since Marlin made her first album-appearence with Playing My Game which sold almost 2 million, including 250.000 in Great Britain.


The real sales over counter of the follow-up Another Day - which have only been visible on the charts in Norway, Italy, and Denmark - probably lie about 300.000 copies so far.

As usual it is very difficult obtaining supplementary information about Lene Marlin and the upcoming plans for her career. Following the singer's break with manager Arne Svare and the company Stageway, she has no official representative beyond the record company EMI.

Translated by Tef Johs


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