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06 October 2004
Lene Marlin on tour with Abel and Zetlitz
Source : VG
Lene Marlin (24) has never before been touring, she has never played a concert in her home city of Tromsø, and has barely been showing herself the last year. However, in December she goes on a tour with Morten Abel (41) and Bertine Zetlitz (29).

MORE LENE: Lene Marlin showed herself in public for the first time since the Spellemann awards, when she arrived at Ari Behn and princess Märtha's Dalmatian party on Saturday. In her footsteps is Pernille Torp-Holte (picture) at Unit Management, who can now speak about how Lene is looking forward to going on tour in December.

- Lene Marlin has been positive to this from the very beginning - and she's looking forward to it. All three are looking forward to be playing again, says Pernille Torp-Holte at Unit Management.

It is Unit Management, who have both Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz in their group, and the booking company Megafon that have assembled the all-star team for a ten day long tour across Norway in December.

- We are incredibly proud and happy about having assembled three so unique artists for one arrangement, says Pernille Torp-Holte, who followed on the heel when Lene Marlin arrived at Ari Behn and Baron von Bulldog's fashion show at Scene West in Oslo Saturday.

- Not manager

Torp-Holte invalidates the speculations about Unit Management having secured Lene Marlin. Lene has been without a management since the agreement with Arne Svare expired this summer.

- The only thing we're doing with her, is this tour, says Torp-Holte.

- Does she belong in the plans of Unit Management in the time ahead?

- That is difficult to answer just now.

After Lene's come-back with Another Day last autumn, there was given notice about a tour with concerts both in Norway and in Europe, but this never happened.

Torp-Holte will not answer directly on how they got the media shy artist to say yes at going on her very first Norwegian tour since the success debut in 1998.

Admired eachother

- I know her personally, and not least do Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz know her. This is her first tour, and we think it's great fun that she joined in. Together with Bertine Zetlitz and Morten Abel we are very much delighted that this have been possible to stage. All three wanted eachother, and are admiring eachother musically, says Torp-Holte.

The director of Lene's record company EMI, Per Eirik Johansen, thinks this is good news. He was the one who discovered Lene Marlin.

- I think it's great that she's going on a tour. Anything more I don't wish to state, says Johansen.

The record company has nothing to do with the tour, and according to Gyro Leira EMI doesn't know anything about how the tour with the three artists have been arranged.

The only one of the three pop stars being of current interest with new material is Bertine Zetlitz. She's coming with her fourth album, Rollerskating, on November 1st.

Translated by Tef Johs


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