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18 January 2004
Lene Marlin - Happy after the comeback
Source : VG
It's amazing how people have supported me

- This was the first Christmas where noone called home to my parents, and bothered us, says Lene Marlin (23) and smiles.

- At least not that they told me about, she laughingly adds.

Yesterday she performed on NRJ's Radio Awards, where she also was nominated for "most played song", and for "norwegian song of the year". Tonight she will be playing on a free-concert on Rockefeller. Lene Marlin is back.

- It's busy days for you these times?

- Yes, a little bit. But it's nice, Lene thinks, who didn't have any big expectations about winning any awards yesterday.

- I'm pessimistic by nature. But I'm completely overwhelmed by the support I've gotten, for instance by radio-performances. It's amazing how people have supported me, the 23 year old says.

This time, everything happens in Lene's tempo, and the world smiles again to the 23 year old girl from Tromsø.

Hectic and fun

- The way everything is being done this time, is so much better. I've been relaxing on my Christmas holiday this time. Then i travel some, and in time, I'm going to Asia, she says.

- Everything happens in a suiting pace. It's hectic, but fun - In complete opposite to last time. It's not that constant race. I flew about like a jojo then.

Will there be many concerts in Norway from now on?

- Ah, that's the big question, Lene says and smiles.

- I'd really like to. We are slowly but steadily working on promotion right now, but there's just so much you can take with traveling around, talking about myself, and not playing music.

But Lene doesn't even know herself when the audience will get theirs back here in Norway.

- This is the first thing I'll do after New Years. People have had time off, so I really don't know everything that's going on, she admits.

- So norwegian fans should get a hold of some Rockefeller tickets tonight, unless they want to wait a long time until next live performance?

- I can't tell for sure. I honestly don't know.

Get's shown respect

What she does know, is that it's good to be back.

- It feels great to be out with a new CD. But at the same time, it's strange. It's a completely different experience than the last release.

- In what way?

- I feel that my wishes and demands have been respected, and followed. The first thing I said when i "came back out"...

Lene laughs and makes some funny faces before she continues...

- ...was that I had to could say no, when I didn't want to do this and that. I believe everyone has gone through with my wishes.

- How has the audience presented themselves to you?

- It's so nice, I can walk into "Platekompaniet", and someone might come up to me and say: "I just had to say that your record is really good..". And since I'm really happy with my record, that's really good to hear. It's nice to know that the development from my last record to this one, was well received. I'm happy then.

- So you feel good these days?

- Yes, absolutely. It's fun to work when things are done like they are now.


Before awards yesterday, last years winner Maria Mena (who will hand out the award this year), met Lene Marlin.

- I feel like.. I don't know the words; I have to look out for everyone that's so young. "Let's not get things out of hand here..", in a way. I get these flashbacks to my own days as a 17 year old in this business, Lene says highly involved.

- But Maria Mena has done all this before, and has a good knowledge of what this is all about. Being in this buisness when you're so young, demands alot from you and people around you. When the ball starts rolling, it's important to have the courage to brake.

Maria Mena is soon ready with her second album also, and yesterday she got to hold it in her hands.

- Oh, Great! Then this must be a big day for her, Lene cheers.

- Is it the same feeling, everytime you get the album in your own hands?

- Yes, since I'm the one who releases one album each year, I should know, Lene says self-ironic.

- When I got my second album in my hands - when it finally happened, it was completely amazing, Lene says, and smiles.

Translation by memo


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