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13 September 2004
Earned 20 million on the come-back
Source : VG
Lene Marlin in cooperation with the publisher of U2 and Bob Marley.

Lene Marlin (24) has earned over 20 million NKR as an artist and songwriter since the come-back last fall. The question now is what will happen with her career in the time ahead.

IN THE ISOLATION BOOTH: It may seem like Lene Marlin (24) has again withdrawn after a come-back that makes her into one of Norway's richest artists, alongside the boys in a-ha and Lene Nystrøm.

Lene Marlin has according to the record company EMI Music Norway sold 450.000 of the album Another Day, which got launched last year.

This means that Marlin, who got an advance of 14 million from the music publisher EMI Music Publishing, can raise 10 million more as a songwriter on the album than what the real sales should summon.

However, the artist and songwriter from Tromsø has still not aquired a new manager after the conctract with Arne Svare expired this summer.

Marlin never appears in public, however, without the British Alistair Norbury, the music publisher of U2 and Bob Marley, being present at her side.

Collector's release

What role Norbury - who is a trained solicitor at the highest level in Great Britain - has in relation with Marlin is very diffuse, but it's not unthinkable that the music publisher from independent Blue Moon Music is seeing a significant potential in the Norwegian songwriter the day her current contracts with EMI Music Norway and EMI Music Publishing expire.

The work with promoting Another Day is in any case laid dead. Director Per Eirik Johansen of EMI Music Norway, Marlin's record company, informs that all work with the come-back album was suspended in April, because one deemed that there was nothing more to get.

Now it's clear that Another Day and the debut Playing My Game from 1999 is being assembled in a release that will be put out for sale in Europe at the end of the month.

What Marlin will be doing in the time ahead, Johansen don't know, he claims, despite that the artist is still under contract with EMI Music Norway.

- Lene is relaxing. She is not doing anything for the time being, the EMI director states.

- The most important thing now is that Lene herself finds out what she wants as an artist, Johansen states, who informs that Another Day has sold 450.000, even though the real sales figure over counters in stores probably is lower.

Marlin can in any case afford to take a long break.

As a songwriter she at the outset earns about nine NKR for every single sold album, but Marlin was, as previously stated, secured 14 million in advance from EMI Music Publishing before the album had sold a single copy.

Her royalty as an artist is probably not lower than 15 NKR per album. With a sale of 450.000 this will correspond to over 6.7 million.

In addition there are several hundred thousand NKR from the radio air play in Europe, where all her singles are being aired fairly frequently.

At the top in Italy

Still her fans are asking questions about what is happening with Marlin these days. From the official side most of what concerns the singer is clouded with silence.

However, the Italian fan club of Marlin is writing on their homepage that they have received an e-mail from the manager of Marlin, Alistair Norbury, who is thanking them for their support by informing that the singer is all well, and that she is happy these days.

Italy has been the greatest market outside of Norway since the come-back. The album went to the top the first week, but following Lene Marlin's withdrawal it was difficult to keep the pressure up.

The song Sorry, which was the second single from Another Day, only sold 1000 copies, for instance, and disappeared immediately from the Italian hit-list.

Translated by Tef Johs


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