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06 October 2004
Tromsø have been missing Lene
Source : VG
TROMSØ: - I think it has been a lack with many in this city to have a concert with Lene Marlin, and it's great that it now will happen, says booking coordinator Hildegunn Vevik.

LONGED FOR VISIT: Hildegunn Vevik and Marit Andreassen (picture) at the Sports office of Tromsø council got a one day notice in deciding whether they wanted to have Lene Marlin to Tromsø. Of course they would!

A hectic activity aroused in the Sports office of Tromsø when they Monday morning got a request about whether they wanted Tromsø's pop favourite Lene Marlin, Morten Abel, and Bertine Zetlitz coming up north.

- They needed to get an answer already the day after, so here things have been going, mildly put, in a total rush ('hattefokk' - not translatable - editor's remark), says booking coordinator Hildegunn Vevik for the sports halls.

However, when it's now ready for concert with the three bigger Norwegian artists in Tromsøhallen, Monday, December 13th, it will be the very first concert the Tromsø girl Lene Marlin does in the home city since the breakthrough in 1998.

Last time there was a concert in the sports hall seating an audience of 2.500, was in 1996, when Prodigy visited the town.

Extra concerts?

- It is totally great artists that are coming up here. Personally, I have a greater sense for Bertine Zetlitz, but I think the mix of Morten Abel, Lene Marlin, and Bertine Zetlitz is going to function flawlessly. In this way, you get a greater spectrum covered, says Hildegunn Vevik.

Pernille Torp-Holte at Unit Management informs VG that there are great possibilities for extra concerts, especially at the smaller places.

- There are probably many in Tromsø wishing to hear Lene Marlin, says Torp-Holte.

Translated by Tef Johs


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