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29 February 2004
Ladies' evening (extract)
Source : VG
CHATEAU NEUF: Bertine Zetlitz thinks - like Kurt Nilsen - that it was great beating Lene Marlin on the finishing line.

Lene Marlin was nominated in the categories Female Pop Solo Artist of the Year and Song of the Year, without winning any of them, but this Marlin took with composure.

- Are you mad. Keep me well, I do welcome Bertine Zetlitz of winning. I'm a great fan of her. I was minded on that it could turn out this way. Everyone getting nominated for a Spellemann award deserves winning, Marlin ascertains, who by the way claims that nothing is certified regarding the tour that shouldn't be that far away.

- No, there is nothing set or finally commissioned. In that case, I would have answered 'yes'.

- Do you fear standing on a stage?

- I don't fear it, but I do have great respect for my profession and the audience. I've been sitting at home picking on the guitar for many years.

- Performing the songs for others isn't something I handle leniently, but I think it's fun being at the Spellemann awards, Marlin emphasizes, who believes that the Idol participants shouldn't lose faith.

- They get little time, and often hard criticism by the panel of judges, Lene Marlin notes, well knowing that her previous personal assistant, Jan Fredrik Karlsen, is the main judge and manager for Kurt Nilsen - who thus stole a Spellemann award before her very nose.

Bertine Zetlitz thinks it was great fuss beating Lene Marlin as the year's female pop solo artist.

- I simply love competing. Doesn't everybody? To me it's just an important impetus, Zetlitz admits, who has won three Spellemann awards earlier - in 2000 and 1998, when she moreover was elected newcomer of the year.

- I'm equally excited every time. Besides, I think the album Sweet Injections is more mine than ever before, Zetlitz believes, who admits that it actually gets increasingly more important winning an award each time she gets nominated.

- Evidently, I get encouraged when it goes this well. It's wonderful celebrating yourself a little. If you can't allow yourself that much, life will get pretty boring, Zetlitz thinks.

Translation by Tef Johs


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