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19 January 2004
Lene Marlin: - Always having some nerves
Source : Aftenposten
Almost everybody showing up on Rockefeller on Sunday was there to hear Lene Marlin sing. She herself was nervous. - Always a bit nervous. Lene Marlin doesn't take lightly on a concert.

In the end it was Lene Marlin's turn. She performs of course the single You Weren't There, which set a new Norwegian record on the national radio chart. The single was topping the chart for a whole 13 weeks. Thereafter the song Sorry follows, before she disappears off the stage. All too soon, the audience think.

- I was so incredibly happy when my record was released in September: Do whatever you like with it. Play it, don't play it - it's all the same for me. It was an extreme relief when it finally was out. And it did take its time, Marlin giggles.

On September 22nd, her second album came, Another Day, four and a half years after the debut and the million selling Playing My Game.

- You haven't done a concert since before New Year. Are you nervous in front of tonight's concert, or are you so experienced that it has more become a routine job?

- No, I'm not experienced at all. I'm always a bit nervous, and I never take lightly on a concert, says Marlin.

- My best concert experience was the Nobel concert. That was a nice experience, and I felt totally strange afterwards.

- Have you been noticing any changes in the audience in the years you've been an artist? Have they become older?

- When I had the signing session at Oslo City, I was surprised about how many different people who came to buy the album. There were people between 9 and 50 years, I think that's interesting.

- Have people become more careful approaching you, after your 'breakdown'?

- Not too careful. They know very well where the border lies, and I'm more conscious about what I want out of it myself. I've learned a lot.

- Is it hard keeping in touch with friends, when you're an artist having had such a great success? The actor Leonardo Di Caprio got friends flown in to movie shootings, as to be able keeping the connection.

- I'm not quite there yet. However, it's important to realize that not everything is about this. There is a life besides the career as well, the artist explains.

- How far ahead are you thinking or planning in regards to your career?

- Now I have an incredible urge to work with this album, and I can't say that 'On March 1st I'll be starting something entirely new'. I'm working with a short time span at a time, says Marlin, and underscores that she still has more to give.

Translation by Tef Johs


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