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06 October 2004
Super trio to Bodų
Source : Avisa Nordland
Lene Marlin, Morten Abel, and Bertine Zetlitz. Greater it doesn't get in Norway. On Saturday, Desember 11th, they are all in Bodų Spektrum. Never before has Lene Marlin accomplished a whole concert. In December it happens - and Bodų is on the tour list.

Never before has Lene Marlin carried through a whole concert. The Salten audience will be among the first to experience the Norwegian superstar alive. This happens on Saturday, December 11th, when the cream of Norwegian pop stars arrive in Bodų. Together with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz, Marlin will go on a pre-Christmas tour to six cities across the nation.

Marketing chief Ricardo Clarke at Bodų Spektrum is in a state of pure ecstasy.

- We are going to walk the full mile to get this project into harbour. We got the confirmation last week, and has been at full work since that time. We're putting down an own group to make certain that everything will be according to plan on December 11th.

Great apparatus.
Pernille Torp-Holte at Unit Management is also a happy person. Getting Lene Marlin to the stage and on tour is an achievement. Because, even with a million sales in records, Marlin has never accomplished a concert. The Salten audience will be the fifth in the world having the chance to experience this.

- How did you manage this?

- That the artists themselves will be talking about at a press conference next week. Now I only feel a great joy about having managed to set this up. This is a wonderful day for us, says Torp-Holte.

- Why both Bodų and Tromsų?

- Abel has strong connections to Bodų, and we wanted two concerts north of Trondheim. Altogether there are 25.000 tickets being put out for sale in the whole of Norway, and in some places we may have the possibility for extra concerts, says Torp-Holte, and confirms that there is a team of 50 - 60 persons that will follow the tour.

Folk festival.
Bodų Spektrum still isn't finally constructed, but the tour arranger Megafon still put their stakes on them. This Clarke takes as a great acknowledgment.

- The rumours of our fantastic hall have been spreading. We got a telephone from Megafon where they asked if we could take the job. We will work as h... to get this done properly, Clarke promises, and continues:

- In addition, we in Bodų have been so super lucky getting the concert on a Saturday. This just has to become a folk festival, and the pre-Christmas present of the year.

Nobody over

Avisa Nordland's regular music co-worker, Rune Slyngstad, is in no doubt about the level of the artists arriving.

- Per today, there are nobody over or at the side of these three. Lene Marlin, Bertine Zetlitz, and Morten Abel are in their own pop class in Norway at this time. That we finally get Marlin on the stage is a pop happening, Slyngstad believes.

The tickets are being put out for sale already today. The price is 425 NKR, plus taxes. In Bodų, there will be 2.300 tickets put out.

Translated by Tef Johs


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