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04 December 2004
When Marlin was born as an artist
Source : VG
Friday, December 3rd, 2004, was the day when Lene Marlin finally was born as an artist, five years after her breakthrough with the single Unforgivable Sinner.

It has truthfully been a long and difficult pregnancy, but the delivery did go fairly well when Lene Marlin, finally, came out of the long and dark tunnel and stood face to face with the audience.

And it sounded better than we had all the reasons to fear, when Marlin and the competent band opened the middle department with Sitting Down Here.

Marlin was somewhat rusty and unsteady, but she seemed to enjoy herself on stage, and just put on a quite pompous edition of the melancholic Sorry, which in similarity to the most of the sound material is winning on its obvious melodic qualities.

One of us

Marlin was talking enthusiasticly along in the middle, and relieved her heart about how incredible, fantastic, wonderful, indescribable, and insane it was to be performing in front of a larger audience.

The highlight came during My Love, where the band initiated the song without Marlin being anywhere to be seen, until she suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall. And there she sat, completely alone, with the classical guitar and sang sorely with insight and feeling, while people were sticking themselves creepingly close to the podium.

It was naked, intimate, and tremendously exposing, but Marlin demonstrated that she is one of us, an artist of flesh and blood, who dares to expose herself in front of a larger audience.

No, it wasn't perfect, but Marlin won the hearts and the sympathy of the audience on a night she couldn't avoid in the long run - if she was to survive and continue as an artist.

Because, it wasn't that dangerous, was it, Lene Marlin. Get yourself out on the road again - as soon as possible.

Translated by Tef Johs


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