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23 February 2004
- Kurt and Bertine will win
Source : Dagbladet
Lene Marlin is afraid to meet the audience and thus avoids staging concerts. And moreover, she doesn't think she'll be winning any Spellemann awards this year.

TAKES IT EASY: - It's not the insane race now. This gives me an opportunity to be creative, says Lene Marlin.

- I'm an eternal pessimist, that's why I don't have any hopes. It's always pleasant with prizes, but I don't believe I'd get any Spellemann awards this year, says Lene Marlin.

She's nominated in two categories, Song of the Year and Female pop solo artist.

- It will be Kurt Nilsen and Bertine Zetlitz who run away with the prizes. I'm sure of that, says Lene Marlin.

Kurt og Bertine

The debut album Playing My Game collected five Spellemann awards, four Hit Awards prizes, and an MTV award. Therefore, she thinks other artists are up this year.

- I would very much like to receive both of the Spellemann awards, but I have lowered the expectations a great deal. A Spellemann award means acceptance, and that is something every artist would want.

She doesn't know the nominated Karin Park's music all that well, but is a fan of Bertine Zetlitz.

- Bertine has made a fantastic record, and she deserves all the success she has got with Sweet Injections.

- Song of the Year, that must be Kurt. It's overwhelming what he has managed to achieve. He deserves the prize for She's So High, the single has sold more than 100.000 copies.

Spellemann is grand

Even though Lene Marlin is expectant in regards to winning prizes for the CD Another Day and the song You Weren't There, she says that the Spellemann award is the most splendid she has received.

- I remember better the first Spellemann award I received in 1999. That was an experience. The Hit Awards prizes were also totally special.

The MTV award for Scandinavian Artist of the Year was kind of an 'out-of-yourself-experience' for Lene.

- I was so tired. The show was so big, and I so small. Everything was alienated. Spellemann happens at home with family and friends on the floor. Thus, the Spellemann awards and the Hit Awards prizes have meant the most to me.

Afraid of the audience

Except for some short promo concerts and TV appearances, we still have yet to see Lene Marlin on tour. And this could be a while, because she is uneasy of the audience.

- I'm a bit afraid to meet the audience, but I hope it will happen, she admits.

Then it will be acoustic intimate concerts with a smaller audience. Rockefeller and concert places with over a 1.000 people is too big.

It's been four years since Lene went under earth. She was exhausted and burned out, and is still marked by the rough ride. She showed up in connection with the release of Another Day half a year ago, but is still keeping a low profile.

Home is the better

- I'm traveling somewhat across Europe promoting the album, but it's not the insane race now. I'm comfortable with the tempo, something that gives me the opportunity to be creative. I've written several new songs. I'm a lot at home, keeping in touch with my friends.

Lene Marlin is still without a manager after the break with Stageway and Arne Svare, who seems to be claiming a million figure amount from Lene Marlin to release her from the contract.

- I don't have any manager, but I don't wish to discuss Stageway and those things, she says.

Translated by Tef Johs


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