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11 December 2004
Million-settlement between Marlin and Svare
Source : VG
Arne Svare got his millions. Lene Marlin got a problem out of the world. Now the manager and the popstar is well agreed after a long and bitter conflict.

Ultimately it became a million-settlement instead of a tearing courtcase between Lene Marlin and her former personal manager Arne Svare.

We reached an agreement. The details in the settlement I have no opportunity to comment. It's part of the agreement, answers Svare. As manager for Marlin Svare he had a claim of between 20 and 30 procent of her income from the albumsale and publishing side.

Marlin collected in 2000 an advance of 14 million Kroner from EMI Music Publishing.

Accepted Clause

Svare had however to agree to a clause in the contract where the payment to him was reduced substatially in a so called trial-time in the agreement.

Svare had to agree to a kind of trial-period to prove that he was a capable manager with a will to invest in the artist's future.

The manager at the same time had to accept an unusual arrangement where he every third month had to report directly to Jan Erik Haglund, the then Daily Manager in the organisation Gramart, now owner of the Management Unit that many think points out to take over Marlin after Svare and Stageway.

In the end Marlin og Svare communicated only through lawyers. The manager finally got 1,4 million NKr (~170.000 Euro) that was connected to the advance from the Music-publisher.

Plummet-rich artist

Marlin refused initially to release the album «Another Day» before the contract with Svare expired. Fall 2003 a very delayed album was released. This summer the agreement finally ended, without Svare giving up his monetary demand for compensation against Marlin.

As songwriter Marlin earn initially nine kroner on each album sold. Her royalty as an artist is not likely below 15 kroner pr. album.

Up to this summer the album «Another Day» had sold 450000 units.

That amounts to roughly 6,7 million (~817.000 Euro) for Marlin. In addition there are hundreds of thousand of kroner in compensation for income from radio, TV and other public performance.

Lene Marlin has in the years 1999-2003 had a total collected taxable income of 27 million kroner while her fortune stays at 11,1 million. In 2004 the 24 year old artist will earn an additional five-six million.

Translated by Tef Johs


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