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15 October 2004
Lene Marlin goes on her first tour
Source : VG
- It feels right to do this now.

Lene Marlin (24) is very much looking forward to be touring with Morten Abel (41) and Bertine Zetlitz (29).

- This will be my debut. I have been playing two songs here and three songs there earlier, but nothing even close to this. When I got this opportunity, I just as well may be diving into it. It feels very right to do this now, and I'm very much looking forward to it, says Lene Marlin.

Yet again she's meeting the press after being silent for a longer period of time. The whole day is reserved for interviews together with the pop star colleagues Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz, and Lene seemed in a bubbling spirit when she met VG first of all Friday morning, together with Dagsavisen, Bergens Tidende, and NRK P1 (Radio).

No common number

- Yes, this is only pleasurable. I haven't got a lump in my throat. Still it's only joy and happiness, but the panic will probably arrive when it gets closer. Just now I'm only thinking about that I need to find myself a band! says Lene.

The tour start is in Tennishallen in Stavanger on December 3rd. The gang is committed - and have chosen to be playing exclusively at larger arenas on the common tour.

- This will be a large production, and the three of us must all be proving something. We are taking a risk when we're thinking this large. We want the evening to function from beginning to end without a dull second, informs Morten Abel - and says that temporarily they haven't planned any common number a la 'We are the world'.

- No, it's important that all three get to play their own concert, so it gets to be three concerts in one evening, in a way, says Morten Abel.

Who will be playing first and last, the three artists haven't found an agreement yet.

- There's going to be a fight over this, jokes Bertine Zetlitz.

Abel's idea

- Yes, then I'll be looking good, Morten Abel thinks - who was the one who had the idea for the triple concert.

- I will be releasing a collector's album this autumn, and for me it was important that it should be more than just that; something that gives the fans value for money. I've been working hard creating a package with new songs, and I wanted to be touring with this. However, I have been touring quite a lot, and realized I wanted to invite somebody else to join me. So, I started to call around, says Morten Abel.

Different expressions

- He called us last, says Bertine, but Morten informs that both Lene Marlin and Bertine Zetlitz was his first choice.

- I had to get someone who'd give us the opportunity to be filling the larger halls. I don't think I'd be doing this alone this time. However, at the same time I thought it had to be artists with different expressions, says Morten.

Translated by Tef Johs


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