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23 November 2004
Going to make score
Source : Bladet-Tromsø
- It's a really great film with a big budget. It's going to be launched in 2006, and there are considerations that I'm going to write the music and Lene Marlin writes the lyrics, the film composer Jacob Groth says.

Lene Marlin is going to cooperate with the danish Krøniken composer Jacob Groth on the music for H. C. Andersen's adventure Den stygge andungen [The Ugly Duckling].

Groth will come to the Tromsø international film festival to hold a seminar about film music. He's considered a glittering pedagogue and maybe Scandinavia's most experienced film composer.

Lyrics from Lene Marlin

Some months ago he had a meeting with the Tromsø artist Lene Marlin in Copenhagen. There the two were discussing a possible cooperation.

There are considerations they both are going to cooperate to make the music for the next production of the Danish eFilms The Ugly Duckling, H. C. Andersen's popular adventure which is called 'Den stygge andungen' in Norwegian.

- It's a really big film, with a big budget. It's going to be launched in 2006 and there are considerations that I am going to write the music and Lene Marlin writes the lyrics, Groth explains to Tromsø.

He believes it it very exciting to work together with Lene Marlin. If all arrangements go according to plan this will be the international film debut for Lene Marlin and the second film she provides with music. It was because Lene Marlin's song Unforgivable Sinner was used in the Norwegian juvenile movie Schpaaa in 1998 that the pop circus started for the young girl from Tromsø.

Looks forward to the cooperation

- There's a good possibility it goes all well with Lene Marlin and that she is going to write her songs for my music. It will be fun, the famous film music composer explains.

It's the North-Norwegian Film Center, together with Tromsø International Film Festival and the Film Chamber in Tromsø, in addition to Himalaya Sound, on whose initiative Jacob Groth is going to have his seminar in Tromsø. And Groth is really looking forward to visit the film festival.

- I'll say something about how I work and will show a few examples, among other things like from the time I made the music for the TV series Krøniken. It's being aired in TV in Norway currently, Jacob Groth reveals.

The audience for the seminar are film directors, producers and sound people including musicians and composers, especially from North-Norway.

The course is going to be hold in 'Rådstua Teaterhus' on Thursday, January 18th and Wednesday, January 19th.

From idea to the film

- The seminar picks up topics like 'How to plan a film's sound part?'. From idea to a finished film. Cooperation of film maker and composer in theory and practise. Music for images, images for music and the use of sound images, Henrik Littauer from Himalaya Sound promises.

Jacob Groth is currently making the music for the film 'Martin Luther King og meg' [Martin Luther King and me] with London Symphony Orchestra. He is also noted for the music for a long line of documentations, for example the Mexican documentary drama Street Love. He also has a finger in the pie when it comes to the films Guttene fra St. Petri and the Swedish juvenile film Hip hip hora.

Translated by Daniel


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