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16 October 2004
Lene Marlin tour-debut after 6 years
Source : Aftenposten
Demanded to play in TromsÝ.

Lene Marlin had just one demand when Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz wanted her with them on the tour: to play in her hometown TromsÝ.

Late debut.
Ė It was meant for this tour-debut to happen, but I hadnít planned for it to happen in this size and format. I was more thinking of something smaller, but the idea was so good that I couldnít just sit and watch, Lene Marling laughs.

Sheís on of Norwayís greatest pop stars, but she has not yet done a real concert with a complete band. Summer 2003 she played two songs in a tiny place called Frognerveien 6 and four songs at Oslo City. During December sheís going to play for 25 000 Norwegians Ė on this autumnís super tour with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz.

Still donít have a band.
During the planning she said that they had to give a concert in TromsÝ, because Marlin has never played in the town she lived in until she was 17 years old.

- TromsÝ wasnít on the tour-plan in the beginning, but it would have been really strange if we didnít plan to give a concert there, since Iím going to play. Now Iím looking forward to it, this is pure happiness.

There are still a lot of things left to do. The three artists hasnít yet decided how long theyíre going to play or whoís going to play first etc. Marlin hasnít yet a complete band. - But itís not going to be just me and the guitar.

Abelís idea.
- Respect! One single word is enough for Bertine Zetlitz to describe Marlinís choice for her tour-debut. Abel and Zetlitz have, compared to Marlin, a lot of experience and can be considered veterans. Zetlitz gave 40 concerts in 2003, while Abel was on a Norway-tour last winter. Heís releasing a double CD in November.

Ė Iíve given a lot of middle-sized concerts, but now I want to do something bigger. So I had to have someone else with me. We donít know each other that well so this is not an idťe we got on a party, but itís based on professional evaluations. Now weíll get the chance to the best we can - with better lights and sound and bigger stages. When the next artist enters the stage, everything has to be different, to avoid the festival feeling. I believe this could be the best tour ever. The worldís best tour, Abel promises.

- Since weíre not going to play two hours each of us, we get forced to pick out our best songs. I really want to give the people a real good show, says Zetlitz.

Writing new songs.
Abel has a double CD to sell, while Zetlitz is releasing her forth record, "Rollingskating", 1st November. Despite this, it was Lene Marlin who got most attention and questions during yesterdayís interviews.

- Iím the small one, a bit an outsider. Iím not working on a new record, but for me just to give a concert is more than enough. It passed four years between my first and my second record, so I still have three years to finish a new record. Marlin disappeared quickly from the public eye after the release of her second record "Another Day" last summer, and she tells that she likes best to work in peace.

- I may not be shy anymore, but I donít have the need to be in the public eye. Earlier I just had one record, but now that I have two, so now itís more the right time to go on tour.

But sheís writing new music.

- Iíve written music since I was 14. Thatís what I do, and I canít do anything else. Iím sitting by myself with my guitar at home like Iíve always done. Itís good to work concentrated in peace without anyone disturbing you. I can write songs anywhere.

She gets support from Zetlitz.

- You canít push on creativity, and in this profession you have to be allowed to be a bit eccentric and strange. Itís not necessarily healthy to be visible at all time, and then it feels good to have something to talk about when youíre visible.

- But after the tour, will you end up as Norwayís new super band?!

- I doubt that, Abel smiles.

Translated by Linn Johansen


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