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08 February 2004
Disagreement about million figure amount
Source : VG
Lene Marlin (23) still doesn't have an official manager after her breaking the cooperation with Arne Svare and his company, Stageway - who on their side think the agreement with Marlin is valid for another year.

LOCKED: The conflict between Lene Marlin and Arne Svare from Stageway is equally locked, even though there's been almost half a year since the come-back album was released.

- The contract with Lene Marlin has not expired. It is still running, Arne Svare ascertains, who's also the personal manager for Sissel Kyrkjebø.

This means that Marlin, who released the come-back album Another Day in September, only has the record company EMI Recorded Music Norway as an official representative in all questions regarding her career.

Marlin is still listed as one of the clients of Stageway on the company's homepage.

- Stageway is the only place where people may inquire. We get a lot of inquiries related to Marlin, Svare claims.

Marlin's lawyer, Cato Schiøtz, informs that the British Allistair Norbury is performing all the functions that ordinarily devolve on a manager.

- However, there doesn't exist any formal agreement between Marlin and Norbury. He gets hired to perform the services that Marlin needs, says Schiøtz, who is very secretive when it comes to giving the media information about the British wirepuller.

- It seems like Marlin has been advised to not getting herself another manager right now?

- This is not correct. The agreement between Marlin and Svare has long since expired. Neither he nor Stageway have done anything for her in several years, Schiøtz believes, who denies that Svare has summoned Marlin before a court.

- Valid contract

- For now, we're only behaving in relation to what we believe is a valid contract, says Svare, who admits there is a dialogue through lawyers, if not anything else.

The dispute is of course about money, probably several million nkr, which Svare makes a claim for if he's to let Marlin go from what he thinks is a valid contract.

The artist, on her side, claims that Arne Svare has not fulfilled the terms of the contract, and thus it's not valid.

Until further notice, Lene Marlin has to continue working without an official manager, something which is highly unusual in the music industry.

At which level this dispute has damaged the career and the launch of the new album is uncertain, but it seems like Another Day has disappeared in silence abroad.

EMI informed just before Christmas that Another Day had sold about 450.000 copies worldwide, but this is probably not registered sales over counter, since the album, with the exception of Italy, has not been visible at all on the European hit lists.

Translated by Tef Johs


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