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01 August 2003
Europe wants Lene Marlin
Source : Aftenposten
Both MTV and ZTV throw themselves at the new video, and the whole of Europe again wants a piece of her. Suddenly Lene Marlin is back in the public eye at full strength.

After three and a half years of silence and personal problems, Lene Marlin (22) is again at the centre of attention, and she is evidently not forgotten. Both ZTV and the very important music channel MTV puts her new video "You weren't there" on heavy rotation from the first possible moment the coming Monday. On MTV is will run as so-called "fresh", meaning 65 playbacks per week.

- Oh, my God, I'd just heard about MTV. What am I to say? A thousand thanks! The road back here has been a long and eventful roller coaster, I might say, and such a reception just feels so very, very good, says Lene Marlin.

At the same time requests for a lot of promotion work are pouring in from countries all over Europe for the come-back artist, according to the record company Virgin.

- Like the eternal pessimist I try to put a lid on the rejoicing, but I just can't manage to do it, Marlin says and jumps in her chair.

The problems.
What she is not trying to make a secret of, are the problems she encountered due to all the attention after the success debut "Playing my Game" in 1999, that made her a pop star and sold 1.8 million albums and 2 million singles. Problems that are the reasons why she has been away for so long, and that she had to get professional help to overcome.

- The risk of being away from the pop industry for so long I was willing to take, and this time period has been important both personally and musically. At some point, it was about "if" and not "when" in regards to a new album, but my joy in making music eventually became so strong, and in the end things were falling into place, says Lene Marlin.

Now she has spent time preparing for what lies ahead. Spent time daring.

- This time I want to have a positive experience with everything. I know more, will protect myself more, and I will reserve the right to say no. I have this naive thought that it must be possible to release an album and at the same time feel that you have control over your personal life, says Marlin.

She lost that in all the commotion the last time. For a long time she, for instance, stayed permanently at Grand (Hotel) in Oslo, because she didn't have time to return home to Tromsų, and when she finally bought an apartment in Oslo, she only had two suitcases with personal stuff with her.

- That says a lot. In the end, I felt monitored, and that is not a pleasant feeling. Some experiences from that time is still with me here inside, says Marlin as she holds her hands above her heart.

- There were some violations from the media that I just can't comprehend. I can't accept that it is supposed to be okay that two persons with a camera, each in their own car with dark windows outside my apartment, waiting to take pictures of me whenever I'm going outside. The respect for your fellow human being can't be lost even though a person gets to be well-known, says Marlin.

And even though she doesn't like discussing her own lyrics, it is apparent that experiences the last four years is pressing forward in that respect as well. Aftenposten has heard four songs from the album, and it is easy to interpret both "Disguise" and "Sorry" as personally experienced stories about a girl that got enough of the strain and in the end was hiding away with a bad conscience about everything and everyone.

- Those who have heard the songs say that they get to be theirs because they recognize themselves in it, and that is so good. I'm not alone in this world having experienced the thought "how am I going to get through this". You don't need to be an artist to feel that way, one could just talk to any person on the street, says Lene Marlin.

September 22 the album "Another Day" is due out, four and a half years after "Playing my Game". Virgin is at the outset concentrating heavily on the europian and asian market, and Lene Marlin will have to pack her suitcase and embark on a similar journey like the one that ruined things for her the last time around. In a pop industry where she's not entirely feeling at home.

- When I walk out the door with the suitcase I will think "now I'm going there and there and I have memories from there", but also that "I want to know that I will be able to get home and be able to join that and that birthday party". And I don't want to have a bad conscience...

Translation by Tef Johs


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