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31 July 2003
Nrk Radio Interview with Ingerid Stenvold
Source : Nrk Radio
The question everybody asks is, you disappeared so sudden after Spellemannsprisen in 2000, where you won four awards, and after that if became silent around you. Why did you disappear so sudden?
- It was just too much for me, all that had happened and all that was happening and I just needed to step back and think about everything. Iíve spend this time on finding the joy in music again, cause it disappeared after a while, I have to confess.

But the joy did come back as youíre out with a new song and will release a single and a new album this fall. When you pulled away, who were most important around you during the three years?
- Family, friends, and I live in Oslo now and have been lucky enough to get to know people I couldnít have been without.

Youíre not just known in Norway, but also in other parts of the world. When you tried to pull away what was it like to know that the public could follow you in what you did and where you were?
- That wasnít easy of course, cause I had the need to disappear but it was difficult to do so. The first time I just slept, and tried to see what it was like to not travel all the time, sleep in hotel, go from place to placeÖI had to relax.

Were you ever so down that you considered to stop making music?
- I have to confess that I was. The question I asked myself wasnít when the new album would come out but if it would. I had to find out if it was something I could do again, if I was capable of it.

It all started with a bustrip where you met a journalist who had heard your demo and wanted to tell a recordcompany about you. Back then you said you were so glad you took that bus, but have you ever regret it?
- Of course there are moments I think what if, maybe I shouldnít have etc. and itís something Iíve thought, but today Iím just glad i did!

They could hardly wait to hear your new single in Italy and France and therefore it was released one week before it was suppose to Ė how motivated do you get by that? How much has if meant for you that your fans have waited for you?
- Three years is a very long time in this business and you canít expect that theyíre there after so long, so itís very overwhelming to see that they are. Ofcourse that makes me happy!

Are you prepared do this again, release a new album with all that comes with that?
- This time Iím more prepared and Iím wiser, and I think I just have to protect myself to make sure it stays fun to work with music.

Whatís different with your music now, compared to Playing My Game?
- Iíve grown and so has the music along with me. It will not be Playing My Game 2, its a new album Iím proud of and hopefully people will like it aswell.

You have many eager fans, esp. in Italy and I spoke with one of those of are in charge of the fanclub there. I asked him what is so special about Lene Marlin and he replied "Beautiful blonde Nordic girl with beautiful music" Ė whatís it like to see so devoted fans in other countries?
- Itís amazing! Theyíve done so much in Italy and I have visited the web-page. Itís always great to be in Italy and they are great fans!

Itís been written much about you while you were gone, did you ever take the time to read everything? And how have you reacted?
- When theyíve written things that arenít true, itís been irritating. After a while I had to stop reading it cause I saw no point in it.

VG writes today that you had a small concert in a pub last night, have you done anything spontaneously like that before?
- I havenít, and it was a new experience! It was fun - I wanted to play, and they had a guitar there so I went on stage. I was nervous, but luckily it went all right!

Is there anything you would have done differently if you knew all you know now back then?
- I would have protected myself more, cause you canít be available 24 hours a day. And try to have more fun with what Iím doing.

What plans do you have from now?
- Iím going to spend some day on doing interviews, and after that I donít know. There are requests from here and there, and Iíll take it from there.

Translation by Nina


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