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31 July 2003
Sang and disappeared
Source : VG
People couldn't believe what they saw and heard: Lene Marlin took the guitar and entered the tiny stage in a bar in Oslo late last night.

A little shocked and surprised audience got to experience that Lene Marlin, the pop artist that hasn't shown herself in public gatherings for over three years, was suddenly standing on the stage with a borrowed guitar and asked for a little attention.

- Hi, my name is Lene, I haven't played for anyone at all in three years. This isn't a planned performance. It's completely spontaneous, she opened.

In the bar at the club Frognerveien 6 stood about fifty speechless people that had really come to hear the Oslo-artist Johnny Hide. As an extra they got a huge bonus before they called it a night.

- Very nervous
Several of the guests had noticed that the popstar had been sitting by one of the tables at the club with the topmodel Sunniva Stordal.

- I was just sitting in the bar her and listening to the beautiful music. And then there was something that told me I had to go up to the stage. There were someone at my table petted my shoulder and encouraged me, but I really wanted to do this myself, the artist added.

Before Marlin could star her first song she had to talk off some of the worst angst and tension.

- I don't have the guts to look at you. It's not because I'm grumpy or arrogant, just very nervous. Please, be nice to me, laughed Marlin.
And the people were nice to her. They listed to a small historical mini-concert. First Lene served the worldpremiere of the sore and low-voiced "Sorry", that you can find on Marlin's long-awaited follow-up album 'Another Day' that will be released in September.

- I had ony thought of playing one song, but this was just fun, said a newly-inspired Lene.
In a simple, dark T-shirt sat one of Norways most shy popstar and revealed herself as someone else. More outgoing and happy.

- Different
After that she continued with a down-stripped version of "You Weren't There", her fresh single that's already consided a hit.

- This became a different bar-vist, said the 22-year-old and smiled widely.

To massive applause. People called in unison for one more song. Lene hesitated for a long time and said 'Maybe I'll come back later tonight'.
She never did. Half and hour later, just over midnight, she left the club. Might as well, when you think about that she'll talk to the nation for the first time in well over three years this morning, in Reiseradio on P1.


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