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02 August 2003
Lene Marlin as a "Saturday night special guest" (video interview)
Source : Nrk Dagsrevyen
Reporter: "Lene Marlin is back, and never before has the interest in her person been greater than now. Many have pointed out that she is surprisingly happy this time around!"

Lene M: "I have...(very fast talking)...not smiled, right? I have laughed much at it, though. People are just calling me, wondering 'I haven't seen you out in 3 years'! I haven't just been sitting in a corner hiding and stayed away!"

(clip from YWT video)

Lene M: "Everything you do, really, is colored by the timeframe you're in, and the things you've experienced. Obviously, it will reflect upon what you do. My lyrics are...yeah, some are about me, and some are about others!"

(clip from YWT video)

Reporter: "A bit of the reason Lene withdrew was the huge influx from the media, something she pointed out in her speech of thanks at the Spellemann-awards in 2000."

Lene M. (at the 2000 Awards): "...but, unfortunately, there are things that are not that good, and that is, unfortunately, something my family has experienced. There are parts of the media that just can't let them in peace, and I'm very sorry that I've actually put them in that situation!"

Lene M: (back in the 2003 interview): "I have this naive thought now...(laughs)...incredibly stupid...but...it must be allowed to say 'no'!"

Reporter: "In two days, Lene has done over 30 interviews with the norwegian press, but that is apparently not enough!"

Lene M: "I had finished the day yesterday, and I got home after been sitting all day and just thinking...well, okay, now I'm going to go home and relax, and then I got home, and there...somebody was in a car!"

(clip from YWT video)

Reporter: "It seems that Lene succeeds musically this time around as well. Yesterday MTV decided to give Lene's video the highest rotation, that means getting played 65 times a week!"

Lene M: "I was hoping I could find back the joy I felt when I got into Hit40 for the first time. Then I just got...(sighs)...my body just tingled all over!"

(clip from YWT video)

See NRK video

Translation by Tef Johs


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