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21 July 2003
Strange Lene-launching
Source : Nrk
- It seems a little bit strange that the artist with the most sucsess, with Norway as a starting point, now releases a new single with so many accidentials, says the boss for NRK Petre (Norwegian radiochannel) og Mpetres Marius Lillelien to Musikknytt.

It`s 4 year since the last release from Lene Marlin. The enormous number of people in her staff should have a lot of time to plan the release of the new album "Another Day" which will be released in September.

The original plan was to release Marlins new single to the radio stations in Europe and Asia 28. July. But last week 45 seconds of the new song - You weren't there - could be found on the homepage to the Italian radio channel Radio Capital.

Friday this little cut was played on a few norwegian channels, and today the song was officialy released on norwegian radio.
Lillelien, wich earlier worked in Sony Music, wonders why it has been so much backwards and forwards with this release:

- What is strange is that they thought it would be possible to just release the single in one country. In our time, where it is free flow of music on the Internet, I find this very strange.

- Can all this confusion just be a game played by the music company?

- It happens that you design some situations like this in the music sector. But I have a feeling that in this case this is not the situation. But they can have screwed me too.

Would you have done the marketing of the new Lene Marlin album in another way?

- When we talk about this album it`s just a matter of how good the album actually is. If the album is good then all the marketing will go by itself, if it`s not good enough the people behind the album are in trouble.

Translation by Kristian Weel Johnsen (http://home.no.net/krjohnse/lene/)


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