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01 August 2003
Marlin denies photo
Source : Nrk
Foto: Ola A. Thorset / SCANPIX
The complete chaos when Lene Marlin arrived at the premises of record company Virgin in Oslo Friday morning. A representative from Virgin did her best to screen the media-shy artist from the photographer.

Friday Lene Marlin spoke once again to the newspaper journalists, but the photographers weren't even allowed to work outside.

The record company Virgin has no comments to the photo denial in connection with the interviews, besides that they have taken their own pictures which will be distributed to the press in two rounds, some in relation to the interviews published Saturday, and some in relation to the next round of interviews, which most probably will be about the time of the album-release in September.

Photo barricade.

Thus, the readers will see exactly the same pictures in all papers as Lene Marlin is being interviewed by the newspapers for the first time in three years.

The rather anomalous practice lead Scanpix and VG to sending their own photographers to Marlin's arrival to the record company Virgin in Karl Johan's street. While VG managed to show up two minutes too late, Scanpix was prevented by a record company associate who placed herself in the "line of fire" between the photographer and Marlin.

- Placing oneself in the way physically in this way is rather uncommon, especially by people who should be used to, and is dependent on, the interest of the media. It's somewhat reminiscent of a visit by Michael Jackson, and not a norwegian artist looking for attention in relation to an album release, says managing editor Gunnar Lier of Scanpix.

Happens more often.

News editor Hans-Christian Vadseth of VG explains that the newspaper more often experiences artists and record companies trying to take control over what statements and which pictures getting out.

- That is not something we become enthusiastic over, we believe it's better if these things function freely. If this is how Lene Marlin wants to do it, she might just have her way. I'm not sure if that's a clever move by her, but that's not up to me to assess, says Vadseth.

Translation by Tef Johs


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