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19 July 2003
A hasty start for Lene's new single
Source : VG
The huge interest surrounding the come-back of Lene Marlin has promoted the first performance of the new single with a week.

Norwegian radiostations will get Lene Marlin’s new single “You Weren’t There” on Monday.

The single was played for the first time yesterday on Italian radio. The plan was to let the Norwegians wait until July 28th., but at a meeting at the recordcompany yesterday, they decided to quicken the première on Norwegian radio to the 21st.

Enormous response

-We thought we’d send the single out to Italy and France because of the holidays down there and they close the hitlists next week. But there’s been an enormous pressure and today we decided we’ll send the single to Norwegian radiostations on Monday, says Per Eirik Johansen, manager in EMI Recorded Music in Norway.

-I’ve talked to my Italian and French co-worker, and have got enormous response, says Johansen.

They played “You Weren’t There” in Italy yesterday after permission from the Norwegian recordcompany.

On the a-list

-We’re going to make a plan on Monday on how to handle the press and radio the best we can, says Hans Olav Grøttheim to VG.

Norwegian radiostations tried to find the full version of “You Weren’t There” on the net yesterday, so that they could play is as soon as possible.

Both P4 and NRK Petre played 45 seconds of the song, which was available on an Italian site.

-We’ve also heard the whole song on Italian radio today. It was so great that we want to put it on our a-list as soon as we get or hands on it, whether it’s from the internet or we get our own copy from Virgin, says Marius Lillelien, in NRK Petre.

A song that is placed on the a-list on NRK P3 will be played 2-3 times a day.

Pirate copies

Norwegian accountable Hans Olav Grøttheim was not immediately enthusiastic about the thought of a pirate copy leaking out and getting aired.

-That’s up to them. If they get hold of a legal copy, they can of course play it. If they get the song via the internet and play it, we won’t be too happy about that, and we will look into it, says Grøttheim. He adds that he doesn’t want to threaten or start any conflict with the radiostations though.


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